Wednesday, August 03, 2016

In which Dame Slap explains how it's all a matter of personal responsibility

There are always good arguments for the maintaining of gulags, there are always good reasons for lashing out ...

The Trumpster has been providing some excellent examples of late, but let's not underestimate the enormous capacity of the reptiles of Oz to match him at his game, and amongst these reptiles there is a nonpareil master of the dark art, in the shape of Dame Slap ...

Just the splashes promised a sensitive, epic smack-down in the Dame Slap style ...


You see, the fine art of distraction and uglification. 

That fine use of "deadbeat" sets the tone of the discourse from the get go ... why if deadbeat is there at the start, can dropkick losers be far behind?

At that point, anyone is pretty much licensed to use whatever form of abuse they prefer ...

Naturally Dame Slap prefers to use as much abuse as she can, though cunningly she seeks refuge from assorted charges by channeling Marcia Langton, a woman, it has to be said, frequently too obtuse when it comes to keeping the company of reptiles ...

Now it would be remiss at this point for the pond not to point to alternative things to do than read on further ... for a start, why not head off to RN to listen to the Law Report?

You can find that here, and while there, why not listen to this here which features a depressing but insightful interview with Nell Bernstein ...

Okay, enough of the sensitivity and the sensibleness, it's time to get back to the lizard Oz, and to Marcia Langton raising an excellent point on Twitter ...

Happily, thanks to Langton and Dame Slap, the pond has an answer.

Deadbeat parents and a failure to take personal responsibility! 

Damn it, that's why restraints are used in hospitals and mental health facilities. It's all the fault of the dropkick loser deadbeat parents.

Take it away Dame Slap ...

Indeed, indeed. It's a very complicated issue, so we need a very simple and simplistic set of answers. It's all the bloody fault of the parents, useless deadbeat loser dropkicks.

Oh sorry, that's just the pond practising the art of distraction and shifting the focus in the blame game. 

Sorry, back on message. Damn you, useless, irresponsible dropkick loser deadbeat parents. You know if your kids go astray, they'll be sent to the chair, so lift your useless, sorry game ...

And so to the gobbet coda ...

Yes, who will start blaming the damned pesky blacks. 

Come on Marcia, step up and blame the black parents... inept, hopeless, useless, dysfunctional, disgraceful maltreaters and mistreaters of their kids ... it's all their bloody fault the whites of Australia have had to suffer all this unpleasant reading this week ...

Why do we have to make this sort of sacrifice?

And speaking of sacrifices, a final sacrifice, thanks to Rowe, and more Rowe here ...


  1. Now, DP, do not dismiss Slap so soon. She has all the necessary qualities - blonde, slim thighs, looks faaaabulous in singlet top - to defend Trump. Give it a day or two.

  2. "getting on"???

    Immediately the tear gas is wiped from your eyes, and you've had a jolly good recline and think about it in your overheated solitary confinement, think about getting on.

    After perhaps a snifter and a couple of anchovies on toast, so think about how you might best get on.

    What a remarkably disconnected person this Dame Slap is, time after time.

    Has she a solution? Non monsieur! Has she someone to blame and double-down upon? Oui monsieur!

    Fine, as you were then.

  3. It is beyond belief that Dame Slap believes that blaming the parents somehow justifies the criminal behavior of the authorities in the NT detention centre. This woman is so far from reality she must think she can hear the angels singing in heaven. She is just part of that group of ning-nong scribblers who, despite all their scribbling, have achieved nothing for Aboriginal people - or anyone else. Just a lot of mealy-mouthed finger-pointing.
    New Matilda has an interesting article on Royal Commissions - more specifically about the Commission into Deaths in Custody - a hideous travesty of justice.
    Meanwhile, the lizards scribble on to no avail - wasting ink, paper and on-line space.

  4. The first three paras of the second block of slap, are textbook misdirection - even Penn and Teller could pick up some tips watching Janet at work.

    Marcia Langton talks about personal agency. Janet talks about personal responsibility, as if they were the same. Fail whale - if Janet really thought they were the same, she would just be being as dim as the general run of reptiles. But, of course, she can tell the difference, and this is her verbal three card monte.

    Following the "agency" question might lead reflective readers to dangerous ideas (regardless of whether that was Langton's intention), so it falls to Dame Slap to make sure the punters' attention is directed away from the Queen to "responsibility", and some nice, safe victim-blaming.

    Well played, Janet - I'd almost think you'd learned that from the Catholics (after 2000 years of this same scam, they've got it down to a fine art).

  5. Ah but surely, FD, the moment she plays the "responsibility" card, that is when we stick "diminished" in front of it. But who's ever heard of "diminished agency" ?

  6. The pond readership numbers heading in the same direction (south) as the 'Australian'? I hope not.


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