Friday, July 08, 2016

Gone to the dogs, but worse, the pond goes to the reptile editorialist ...

This day the Murdochians are in a state of agitation, and naturally the pond was on high loon alert, and sure enough ...

It's a fine point, between a legalised and an illegal genocide - the report conservatively put the number of greyhounds killed over the past 12 years in NSW at up to 68,000 -off to the cannery - or between 50-70% of all dogs bred for racing - but the reptiles of Oz can always find a reliable taxi-driver arm-breaking loon to draw the distinction ...

Meanwhile, the reptiles of Oz were diligently defending their favourite war criminal ...

That's the best they've got? 

If that was the fear, why didn't they invade Saudi Arabia and snuff off at its source the fundamentalist Wahhabism that petro-dollars have funded around the world, instead of of a sideshow petty dictator who peacocked a lot but had the intrinsic credibility of a Gaddafi when it came to the crunch ...

This headline might have better served the point ...

But it seems nothing has been learned, no insight gained, and for confirmation of this strange phenomenon, the infinite capacity of reptiles to maintain delusions, the pond wandered off to the reptile editorial ...

Uh huh. Who'd have thought? So now we're invading North Korea to end the rule of the world's cruellest hereditary dictatorship and enormous strategic threat?

Of course not ... now read on ...

So Isis is all the fault of Obama?

How stupidly insulting the reptiles are, how arrogant, how condescending, and how little they read. Perhaps they should have settled down to this story ...

That's right, that's 2007 and that's the notional Islamic State of Iraq ... and then ISIS came along to attempt to finish the job al-Qaida and displaced Sunni fundamentalists had started ... and there's more in that story at the Graudian here ...

If you get to the end of it, you find ...

Giles Paxman, deputy head of mission at the British embassy in Paris, discussed UK thinking on post-Saddam Iraq with two senior French officials on 16 October 2002. One official was reported to have commented that he “feared that the removal of Saddam would lead to general anarchy in Iraq with attacks on Ba’ath party symbols, settling of accounts and widespread violence as in Albania.” 
In December that year Simon Fraser, the Foreign Office’s director for strategy and innovation, reported that a French interlocutor had “argued that we needed to think carefully about the potential for political disintegration in Iraq after a war. There could be many unforeseen consequences including political instability motivated by revenge. We should not let the optimistic scenarios blind us to the potential problems. 
Voices in the Foreign Office concurred. A memo dated January 2003 warned: “All the evidence from the region suggests that coalition forces will not be seen as liberators for long, if at all. Our motives are regarded with huge suspicion. The Iraqis, including those in exile, (and the Arabs more generally) want us gone quickly. Our occupation and administration of Iraq will become more unpopular and its lawfulness more debatable the longer it continues.”

And so on. So much for Obama, so much for the reptile delusions ...

Time for a Pope cartoon ... and more Pope here ...

That's given the pond the strength to finish off the reptile litany of lies and fraudulent posturing, up there with the original stupidity that produced a useless war and made the world a far less secure place (and what have they done about fundamentalist Wahhabism? Zip, nada, nihil, unless you count making it stronger a form of doing something) ...

He took the wrong decision, for the most pathetic, deluded and miss-informed reasons, and that's the reason he and the reptiles don't want a similar inquiry here.

They don't want their noses rubbed in their folly ...

Well it just so happens there was a support movie with that old Aussie show ...

"I Am a Criminal" ... that works for the pond ...

Now where's that poster for that other old movie, "We reptiles are war criminals too ..."


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Little wonder that the reptiles are defending Blair and our very own 'man of steel' considering that every single one of the Murdoch rags were fully in support for an Iraq Invasion. Their cheerleading makes them just as culpable as Bush, Blair and Howard.

    To try and deny that the invasion did not lead to the rise of Isis is laughable and possibly delusional. This account outlines how the US detention of thousands of Iraqi men inadvertently brought together disparate groups of ex-Baathists and Sunni fundamentalists along with ex-army commanders and forged them into a cohesive and dangerously effective unit.


    1. I think you'll find Murdoch was ultimately behind the enthusiasm for Iraq, at least in concert with Bush Jr. Between Murdoch and the US administration, they had it sewn up. Compliant governments in the UK and Australia only added to that enthusiasm.

      The funniest aspect of the whole Iraq thing is Howard and Blair standing there with vewy vewy sewious looks on their faces and claiming they acted in good faith. What a lark!

    2. It's fairly easy, I reckon, to indict Rupie because one way or another, he does seem to have a hand in just about everything that's sordid, but I always understood that it was the Neocons (Wolfowitz in particular, but also Rumsfeld and Cheney as well as sundry others) that were the prime movers and Ailes/Murdoch (also plus sundry others eg Linbaugh) just went along for the kudos and applause.

    3. "Howard and Blair standing there with vewy vewy sewious looks on their faces"

      As my mum says, Blair was a b-grade Shakespearean actor, and Howard was a b-grade solicitor.

    4. And a C-grade Prime Minister, Nick. And you know which PM I'm talking about, don't you?

  2. Never mind that the invasion of Iraq was pre-planned well before World Trade Centre atrocity. As was the project for regime change in Libya, Syria and elsewhere. Such was publicly stated on at least one of the websites connected with the neo-psychotics who planned/intended it all.
    Furthermore, if one does the necessary homework it could be argued that the deliberate pre-planned grand-scale theft/plunder of the resources of Iraq was the single most largest heist in human history.
    Never mind too that much of the infrastructure of Iraq was deliberately destroyed too.
    Plus, having read a lot of the stuff written about the topic, it seems to me that the deliberate demolition of the Twin Towers (and nearby buildings too) was an inside job. For instance a member of the Bush family was the head of the security services for the Twin Towers complex prior to the demolition - thus enabling after hours behind the scenes placement of the multiple explosive devices that caused the dramatic all-at-once controlled demolition-collapse of the buildings.

    1. Steady on with the conspiracy theories, Anon.

    2. Wow, just wow!

      First, I don't think any of those Nut-Jobs-In-Charge of the US had the smarts to organise such a conspiracy; second, it IS entirely possible that bin Laden had the smarts to organise two planes to fly into the Twin Towers.

      Sorry, but I just don't buy it.

    3. Look! A unicorn. The Stupid. It burns.

    4. Oh dear, Anonymous No 2, I note a couple of great names amongst the first signatories to PNAC*

      I. Lewis Scooter Libby
      J Danforth Quayle.

      Doesn't that convey just how trustworthy the whole group is ? Makes our very own conspiratorialist above look almost sensible and believable.

      *PNAC = Project for the New American Century.

    5. Anonymous, everything you say in your first 3 paras is true enough. The 4th defies credibility.

      If a member of the Bush family was head of security services at Twin Towers (a prominent position), do you think even for a second he'd consider risking getting done for mass-murder and high treason by being connected to explosives planted there?

      If there was a conspiracy, much easier just to fund and equip terrorist groups from afar to do the dirty work for you. Not saying that's what happened either - but at least it's more plausible.

    6. Now remind me, GB, how did that PNAC work out?

    7. Conspiracy theories? Why not?

      Senator Barry Goldwater, was a frequent critic of the Federal Reserve, “Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international moneylenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States...”

      That was exposed here, right?

      CIA Video Shows That The Soviet Union Was Right All Along

      When's a conspiracy not a conspiracy?

      Dalai Lama Says Female Must be Attractive or She's Useless

      The old boy said it to camera in interviews three times: dalai lama women

      Ok Beijing, who ya gonna choose with the right stuff? Ayn Rand was a Sociopath

    8. Spiffingly, Merc, just spiffingly ... at least until 2006 when it sunk without trace. Another Bill "always wrong about everything Kristol success.

      But then, we are about 1/6th into a new century, and there's an America in it somewhere, so what else needs to be said.

  3. Wow... there's some (predictable) gall from the Oz.

    They might have to follow through with "Operation Old Polony": the surgical preservation of George Henderson's brain so that the history of the "noughties" and the Howard years can be constantly revised for future generations.

    It doesn't matter what they tell you: those children were thrown overboard and Saddam was poised to kill us all!

  4. Today I bought some Nescafe which proudly proclaims on top of the jar "blended in Gympie."

    Let's hear it for good old Gympie!

    1. :)³, and don't mind that the pond never drinks Nescafe ... it's nothing to do with Gympie ... it's just that the pond is an inner 'leet coffee snob that gets its coffee from Enmore road ...


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