Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Essence of Devine so pure and pong-laden that the smell would drive a UKIP Hansonite mad with pleasure ...

Sorry Naz Jacobs, the pond has to attend to important business, Miranda the Devine's solutions for the Malware government and the future of Australia.

As usual, the Devine is in top, exceptional form ...

There are none so blind as those that will not see, and none so deaf as those that will not hear ...

And so to the Devine's divine solutions.

Embrace the Hansonites ...engage with the rabid rabble of the far right ... do a dance with the agrarian socialists ... get it on with the fundie Xians ...

And even more importantly bring in the onion muncher, and especially the Cory, a kraken who was too rabid even for Abbott but who must now be awakened and involved ...

Unify the nation under Cory and the onion muncher! Sorry, Naz, you just don't cut it. Bring on Nigel Farage, bring on UKIP!

Actually it might also happen to involve a bit of fundamentalist racism of the fear mongering kind, but sorry Australia, regrettably that is exactly where the Devine wants to sit, and so once again you've got to smell the essence of Devine ...


  1. "unintegrated Muslim integration" ?

  2. Speaking of loons, and lunatic opinions too, that infest the pages of the reptiles flagship "news"-paper, there was an item my the very British loon Melanie Philips defending the invasion of Iraq by the well known war criminals Bush, Blair and Howard, because it was "necessary" to put a lid on Saddam Hussein's supposed sponsorship of global terrorism.
    Never mind that Saddam did no such thing. in fact he kept a very tight brutal lid on the possibilities of uch terrorism.
    And the obvious fact that the invasion of Iraq was THE catalyst for the now everywhere phenomenon of global terrorism and all of the chaos in the Middle East and North Africa too.
    Meanwhile there is the truth-telling website titled Erasing Iraq.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Whilst we await the Chilcot report and wonder if any opprobrium is going to be placed at the feet of those that led the US, UK and Australia into this debacle, it is worth considering just how these ‘players’ blinded themselves to the possible consequences of their actions, as they were desperate to avoid anything that would undermine the ’casus belli’.

      So desperate were Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Cheney to avoid scrutiny of the reasons for invasion they shut down and impeded contingency planning for a post-war environment. Expected costs were fixed to a minimum in order to pass through the Senate and a rosy picture of what a democracy loving Iraq would like was painted.

      Possible negative outcomes were quashed by an ideologically driven Administration, as these would raise serious questions as to if the overthrow of Saddam was worth the blood, sweat and money necessary.

      The result was an ill-prepared and under-resourced military preparation that was rushed forward as the protagonists feared their so-called ’intelligence’ would be scrutinised and found wanting.

      This account from ‘The Atlantic’ is a depressing account of an Administration so gung-ho for regime change that it ignored and down played possible worse case scenarios that it left a gaping hole in its planning for a post war Iraq;

      It is likely that the key UK ‘players’ likewise conveniently overlooked how bad the situation in the Middle East could become after the “invasion/liberation” and just wanted to be seen as good team players,

      Either way the decision and the lack of preparation have led to civil war, religious war, ethnic cleansing, mass refugee exodus, racial intolerance in Europe, Brexit and general chaos and that’s even before you mention terrorism.

      Excellent work.


  3. Not sure how they handle the wash-up at Holt St apres-election.

    Do they run a little tote on who gets furthest from reality in their final efforts across News media? And if so, what is the prize?

    What did Bolt get for backing the sense of the 2003 Iraq excursion? And the Onion muncher?

    How do you separate Devine and Kenny in the rush to foolishness in their prognostications? And if so, what would you award them for their work?

    It nearly killed me, but just prior to the election a colleague exposed me to a sliver of the dog botherer's little watched Sky TV programme whereupon he and a gang of del-cons occasionally invite a "love media" rep, and yell over the top of them. On June 27th an ex-member of Gillard's staff named Michael was the chosen target, and he frustrated them no end by making quiet sense. Devine especially lost the plot, and in her blather, managed to propose thus: "On Saturday, Australians will just be laughing at Bill Shorten."

    Again, again, you wonder why people are signing up in droves to access premium News content. Wonder no more.


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