Friday, July 01, 2016

Day 102 of MUC and day 55 of MOC, and the pond is blessed by Moorice turning up for a Friday tea and paranoid scone ...

Relax, of course the pond wasn't going to ignore Moorice ...

Sure there's been splendid news elsewhere, what with Boris falling - Michael made an odd assassin - but then Boris was a strange Caesar  ...

What's not to love when Tories turn on each other, and like ravaging hounds on the moors draw blood and bile so deep, so bitter, that a Hammer horror film would wilt and avert its humble eyes ...

Of course this has meant the central banks have had to come rushing to bail out the Tories and the markets ... but let others have their fun, for when Moorice whistles, the pond always comes to heel ...

There's always a succulent feast of paranoia and fear, and clever explanations of how you can't trust left-leaning academics. Much better to trust Lehman Brothers ...

Indeed, indeed. It just so happens that Deutsche Bank is in the news right at the moment ...

Well there's more of that assessment here, and those who can't get enough of arcana might google the WSJ (the paywall sometimes affects direct linking)...

Strange that Moorice didn't think any of this was worth mentioning, and so the pond returned to the financial guru for further insights ...

The pond yearns for the day that it might scribble the immortal line "We may never see or hear the likes of the Moorice again", but thanks to the reptiles,  the tin-foil hat wearing one will keep bobbing up, scribbling about the ruling 'leets and the infinite wisdom of the Little Englanders who thought that Boris was some sort of white knight, as opposed to a flannelled fool paid handsomely to scribble nonsense for the UK version of the Daily Terror ...

When it came to the crunch, he was revealed as a rank and mortal amateur who shuffled off into the distance in his pads ... Boris's career undone by a Poundland Lord and Lady MacGove ... and the banks that Moorice so deplores trundled into the square to lend a helping hand ...

Such an indecent amount of fun ...

But let's face it, while the Tories might come and go, and sacrifice the country, Europe and the world for their squabbling, petty ambitions, where would the pond be without the reliable, routine, weekly inanity of Moorice on parade blathering about the 'leets and Little Englanders?

As if the Borises, the Goves and the Sarah MacVines of the world have three fifths of fuck all to do with Little Englanders ...

And so to the final sleep, and who knows what horrors might lurk in the basement, thanks to Rowe, and more Rowe here ...


  1. Moorice got to "groupthink". The fairfaxian go to groupthink:

    1. Turnbull "needs more time"? to do what, precisely?

    2. To release the Krak... ooops, the Malware !

      Oh come on Merc, if you read the piece you know it's an anonymous "editorial" - the part of a dead tree rag where somebody gets to rave like a numbskull because his (and it's always a "his") name isn't attached to the ravings.

      For example, down almost at the end we have this:

      "But we feel Mr Shorten remains blighted by his closeness to a sometimes recalcitrant union movement and by the colossal instability of his party in recent years. He is continuing to mature as a leader."

      So, we feel that Mr Turnbull remains blighted by his closeness to a sometimes recalcitrant business and financial community (not to mention his unseemly intimacy with foreign tax havens) and by the colossal instability of his party in recent years. He has nowhere to go as a leader.

  2. Why did BoJo bomb out, DP? Did he receive a note saying "We have the videos. RM."?

  3. Reminds me of the west wing. "Wake up and smell the chaos!"

  4. The leave campaign talked about 350 million pounds per week that they would no longer be sending "to Brussels"* which would / could instead be diverted into the NHS. Now Michael Gove says the NHS will get only 100 million pounds per week. By 2020. By my calculations thats a 78 billion pound walkback - that ain't chump change in anyone's language.

    Still, its not all bad news - at least reading about the Brexit led me to discover the works of Guardian cartoonists Steve Bell and Martin Rowson, very much on the Pope and Rowe level. Bell can be a bit hit and miss, but his depiction of Cameron as a used condom is transcendent. Chris Riddle is not too shabby either. Sample their wares here.

    *Ahhh, how I detest the conflation of the location of government with the government itself. But then, I live in Canberra, so I would say that, wouldn't I?

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    What Moorice is actually promoting in this quite barmy diatribe is very difficult to discern. Big government and a centralised bureaucracy are evidently an anathema but he appears unsure how well the free market can regulate itself.

    He fails to realise how shallow and irrational the stock market can be. For instance it made major trades based solely on how big Alan Greenspan's briefcase was before he entered the FED.

    The Brexit however is starting to look more like a right wing newspaper coup, with Gove who is a creature of Murdoch and his appalling wife, a minion of The Mail looking to take over Number Ten.

    Meanwhile the hapless Turnbull is paraded as the next Prime Minister of Australia whilst the Abbottista's plot his downfall.

    Along with the rise of the Trump, we must conclude we are living in very strange days indeed.


    1. Whose wife is appalling, DW? Gove's or Murdoch's? Or perhaps you mean both of them?

      It all reminds me of a joke they used to make about Malcolm Fraser - Malcolm is one, and Tamie has one.

  6. So Michael Gove's a cunt? They're all cunts as far as I'm concerned.

  7. My aged sensory reactions occasionally cause an error. I originally read the lead headline as "...Moorice tuning up..." which in some ways makes quite a bit of sense, well at least as much as he does.

    Why not tune up for a full orchestral blast at the clouds?


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