Monday, July 04, 2016

Bring back the onion-muncher they cried in unison, because we can never have enough loonery ...

Of course the pond couldn't resist ... of course it had to join in the cry ... of course it had to celebrate with a new banner ... even if the headline might just have easily read "Liberals pay price for having loser Abbott at head of listless, inept, wall-punching, onion-munching government for far too long ..."

Never mind, the team were on the job, and it made for epic reading, along with that action shot of action man ...

Sssh, don't remind anyone, it was Tony's tradie that made the most useless political advertisement in recent memory ...

And now the reptiles of Oz have taken to recycling the deep thoughts of Sam the man?

D'oh, how keen would Sam the halal pack man be to see the wretched onion-muncher attempt a Chairman Kevin?

There they go again, quoting Queensland Labor strategists ...

Well the pond  can never get enough of the world of simplistic simpletons taking fright at scarecrows, so naturally this lunchtime it turned to the dog botherer ...

It was inevitable that the dog botherer would be at the head of the caravan, the cavalcade of commentariat group thinkers, calling for a call-up for Tony Abbott ... because it worked out so well last time ...

Malware needs Tony Abbott like a dyke needs a hole in the wall (not a Dutch boy or a Bolter in sight), but never mind, the pond gasped in admiration at the audacity of the dog botherer, and his bold attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat ...up there with other bold historical moments ...

Counterintuitively, tempered euphoria and so on and so forth.

And there are mugs who pay the reptiles of Oz so that this mug might be paid to scribble this mugwump nonsense for the mugs ...

Sssh, don't mention the fright the mutton Dutton scored in his seat ...

Instead yearn for the days of fear-mongering, yearn for the hard men to bestride the land kicking heads, because we can never have enough Hansonism...

Yearn for Cory, yearn for George, crave the white-anting and undermining still to be done ...

Is it any wonder they had to deploy the term "delusional" for the likes of the dog botherer?

It's as if climate science, copper and gay rights were just a passing butterfly dreaming ...

And so to an old poll, which the Order of Lenin hunter assures us is the poll to be trusted ...

Talk about a choice of weevils, which leaves just a little time for a singalong:

Out on the road today, I saw a DEADHEAD sticker on a Cadillac 
A little voice inside my head said, "Don't look back. You can never look back" 
I thought I knew what love was 
What did I know? 
Those days are gone forever 
I should just let them go but - 
I can see you - 
Your brown skin shinin' in the sun 
You got that lycra pulled down and that bicyle on, baby 
And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong 
After the boys of summer have gone -
I can see you - 
Your brown skin shinin' in the sun 
You got that hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby 
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong 
After the boys of summer have gone

And so to an image spotted on the full to overflowing intertubes ...


  1. The Doggy-Botherer sayeth:

    "We need to consider the worst possible outcome for the country - an election where neither party produced enough seats to win, a rabble of a senate and a political climate where any reform is stymied by a scare campaign, a parliamentary block, or both."

    Hmmm, now that rings a bell ... I'm sure we've had that before ... no, don't prompt me, I'll remember real soon now.

  2. Sam Dastyari is a cruel, cruel man. Hehehehe.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    Just like Turnbull, here is another politician full of ambition and self assurance, who has been ‘hoisted by their own petard’;


  4. Circular firing squad, anyone?

    Just put Malware in place of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernardi* in place of Tom Watson and you have a winning strategy.

    *Well, any of the loons, really...


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