Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 92 of MUC and day 45 of MOC, and the pond has taste of Caterist government grant puddin'...

Between an early morning trip to the doctor, and a regular visit to the Caterist explaining why it's fine of him to live on the benefits of a government grant, but everybody else who does it is a grifting, grafting, bludging moocher, the pond naturally chose the doctor, and decided to run late ...

It turned out, as expected, there was nothing new to be discovered, nor an explanation of how government welfare trickle down to the Caterists would be a splendid way to kick start the economy, while anybody else scoring a grant would just be pissing the money against the wall ...

Yes  we've seen it all before, and what's worse Lobbecke's illustration is a shameless rip of an artist who could do a much better job of both the creatures and the Billista.

Really Eric, you shouldn't chance your arm against a master if you're going to come up short weight. Couldn't you at least have shown Swanee's house?

Never mind, time to return to the man who pockets taxpayer grants in much the same way that Fagin trained urchins in pickpocketing skills: 

Yes, nothing to see here, except for that wondrous bon mot about Mark Latham, as if the breaker of taxi-drivers' arms didn't have personal reasons for wanting to break Bill Shorten's arms.

And as for the myopia which sees it all about Europe plunging into recession in 2007, as opposed to what happened in 2008, it provides yet another explanation of why the Caterist is the pond's favourite blithering idiot.

Hey nonny no, on we go, and remember everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, especially if you have a taxpayer grant:

And that's probably the only interesting thing to observe about this piece. 

For some reason, the reptiles left off any mention of the Caterists' infamous grant-bludging, taxpayer-funded, cash in the paw institution and instead ended with a set of social media links - relax, it's a screen cap so they won't work ...

And so the entire theory that trickle down government cash into the Caterist paw must remain an untested theory.

Has he been dumped from his Liberal party missionary work? 

Nope he's still listed on the site, as are the mendicant ways of this tribute to the entrepreneurial system:

As a non-profit body, the Menzies Research Centre is funded by donations from individuals, the corporate sector, and an annual grant from the Department of Finance.

Guess it's just that the contradiction too much to bear these days.

But the pond knows that the magic puddin' still works fine.

You just stick out your paw and the Department of Finance fills it with cash.

Yep, it's a cut and come again puddin' of pure delight, a Christmas, steak and apple-dumping Dept of Finance puddin', a magic puddin', and anyones that mocks it will have Barnacle Nick to answer to ...

'Onions, bunions, corns and crabs, 
Whiskers, wheels and hansom cabs, 
Beef and bottles, beer and bones, 
Give him a government grant and end his groans.' 

'Albert, Albert,' said Bill to the Puddin', 'where's your manners?' 
'Where's yours?' said the Puddin' rudely, 'guzzling away there, and never so much as offering this stranger a slice.'

Ah, but puddin', that stranger's just a stranger, and Barnacle Nick is the man from Ming the Merciless ...

And so to a Rowe cartoon which eerily draws the pond's morning together - say not a word and do not a thing against the RPA and the local GP - while evoking memories of all those strange forensic paintings in the museum in Amsterdam ... and it should go without saying, more Rowe here ...


  1. Cater: the only one to have migrated from Britain to Australia and noticeably lowered the average IQ of both places.

  2. Ahh, Rembrandt van Rowe's "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp-bull"...marvellous!

    You know, for all that he writes about it every Tuesday, I don't think Cater understands the first thing about macro-economics - almost everything here is bogus (self-servingly so, of course). He's kind of like one of the blind men with the elephant, drawing epically wrong conclusions from his tiny scraps of understanding. Would be tragic if it wasn't funny...

    1. You know I think you've just succinctly described the modus operandi of almost all of the Murdochrat minions. Almost all, because of course Prattlepants Polonius knows all about everything as he has a PhD in history (at least so he claims though Wikipedia states that it's an Arts/Law degree).


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