Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 101 of MUC and day 54 of MOC, and the bromancer draws ineffable conclusions in a way only a bromancer can ...

The pond still has a taste for rustic humour, Tamworth style, and thanks to the relative who thought this should set the tone for the pond this day ... and it's true that the Northern Daily Bleeder is putting the very best case forward for Barners ...

But there's a simple fix. 

Give Tamworth copper and all will be well, and besides, the pond is an internationalist site with an internationalist vision. 

No petty parish pump politics for the pond, which is why the pond was instantly attracted to the bromancer.

Only two sleeps to go and the agony in an eight week fit will be at an end! But will there ever be an end to nattering about 'leets?

Now the pond is aware that the bromancer channels the onion muncher of the northern reaches, and so to read the bromancer is to get inside the wall puncher's mind. 

How pleasing to learn that the Irish, the Scots and the entirety of London constitute an inner-city elite, and how wondrous to discover that Greggie - well if Dave's Dave then surely Greggie's Greggie - is so astutely positioned to advise on inner city leets from the reptiles' Surry Hills bunker ...

Ah yes, there it is, thanks to Tony Abbott... 

Oh and remember, don't go to war with your base. Your base of course is Tony and George and Cory and so on and so forth ...

And please ignore that little walk back ..."I think the decision by Britain to leave the EU is sound so long as the next delicate phase is handled well ..."

Because it's all been handled so terribly well to date ...

So long, it's been good to know ya ...

Now that we've got it sorted how the tail should dance to the rump's crack of the whip, please, let us carry on ...

Well let it be said that the bromancer has never once looked impressive, and much of the chaos currently going down has been started by his mischief-maker-in-chief master ... who left these gnomic utterances amongst his last tweets before he fell to rutting ...

There's your genuine 'leet speak, and there is your chief threat to trade ... as can be read in Donald Trump dumps on free trade's 'rape of our country' (with Fairfax forced video).

How has the world descended into this madness? 

Well once there was an onion muncher and a bromancer and a Rupert and ever since the pond has felt like it's living in the middle of knighted Alice in Wonderland down the wabbit hole, or perhaps the benighted world envisioned by a Rowe cartoon, and more Rowe here ...

Steady as she goes? Until the rump cracks the whip and they break out the pork barrels ...


  1. Rowe's Windsor & Barnaby, DP, is that a lift from Goya's 'Duelo a garrotazos'? Would be apposite, since the mural was in the "Villa of the Deaf Man".

  2. "Only two sleeps to go and the agony in an eight week fit will be at an end!"

    Only two sleeps and the agony+1 of the perpetual election campaign, c. 2007, will roll on. I'm hoping for a narrow LNP win to bring about the second coming (of Abbott or maybe that other guy). The Rowe's & Pope's just aren't the same without a daily Abbott.

    1. Yeah, never mind that "bend with Beckham" stuff, we all want to get back to "articulate with Abbott" just as soon as we can.

  3. Greggie says: "And the concern to control who comes into the country is not extremist or even necessarily populist. Brexiters want an immigration program just like Australia's.."

    They already had one just like here. And similarly the immigration program was executed by government in the interests of the neoliberal 1% and banksters. Following Brexit the same moneyed ruling class shall continue to have the sort of immigration that serves them best.

    Greggie waffles: "Australia is one of the three or four richest countries per capita.."

    Not for long! GDP has risen since the Duopoly plus Greens adoption of the banksters BIG AUSTRALIA immigration policy, of course. However the per capita share has fallen markedly. Living standards, future expectations, and quality of life for settled Australians other than the 1% continue to be degraded by a population growth rate fit to burst. The rich get richer more quickly from the scheme, a rapidly increasing pie and an ever increasing share of it funnelled to them. A shrinking slice of pie for the growing 99% to share.

    1. Hmm, well it depends anony whether you measure by exchange rate value or by PPP. If we take exchange rate valuation (aka nominal GDP measured in US$) then, according to Wikipedia we have the following:

      International Monetary Fund: 9th (US$50,962)
      World bank: 5th (US$61,980)
      United Nations: 7th (US462,290)
      [ ]

      But by PPP we have:
      International Monetary Fund: 16th ($47,389)
      World Bank: 15yh ($45,936)
      United Nations: 10th ($65,400).

      Now anything valued in US$ will rise or fall as the localcurrencey rises or falls against the US$ - which our dollar does on a regular basis. But back when the AU$ was more than 1 US$, boy were we rich then ! Not so much now, of course, but nonetheless our nominal (and real) GDP increased though we did have around 500,000 "new" Australians (locals breds and imports) over the time period.

      However, at a continuing rate of around 1/4 million "new" Australians every year (yes, we really, really do "control our borders" so much more effectively that those benighted pomegranates) and a slowed rate of nominal GDP growth, we really will have a "hidden" recession much as you say.

    2. Umm [blush] that's United Nations 7th (US$62,290)

      And the URL for the PPP list is:

      I'll have to stop getting my subediting done in NZ - I need a place that has English as its first language. India maybe ?

  4. "I recall the late, great Labor politician Dick Klugman who told me at that time". Wow. Some memory, Sheridan would have been about 21 at the time, and Klugman was what would now be called an extreme Leftist, unlikely to give Sheridan the time of day.

    1. Yair, JJ, though Wikipedia says Greggy was reporting for The Bulletin in 1979, so it might be possible, even though The Bulletin was rather right-wing at the time, I think.

      However, it's unlikely to have actually been during Goofy's two year stint as Opposition Leader (1975-1977) because Greggy was attending the Australian Union of Students annual conference in Melbourne together with Tony Abbott, in 1977 - at the tender age, as you indicated, of 21 years. But without any semblance of a Uni degree, of course.

  5. Sheridan's analysis of Shorten's macroeconomic policy platform is that it is exactly the same as the Whitlam Government? How and why is this man employed?

  6. Dorothy: "How pleasing to learn that the Irish, the Scots and the entirety of London constitute an inner-city elite..."
    And Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, those notorious bastions of 'leet.

    Greggie: "Everyone, this writer included, is opposed to bullying people on the basis of their sexuality..." 101 MUC days of undiluted stupidity, this sentence has to take the biscuit.

    1. FrankD, he means 'everyone' in the sense of every person in his environment, all those he comes across during his journeys across the nation, those he speaks to in order to inform himself of the way the country thinks.

      No doubt a very small proportion of the populace, but they are all opposed to bullying people on the basis of their sexuality - or that's what Greggie's observation is.

      He's either a fuckwit or not very observant. Or quite possibly both. Plus an ignoramus to boot.

  7. For the old techies, The Register reports that the infamous Parakeelia Feedback app which funnels thousands of taxpayer dollars back to Lib coffers, was written using Dataflex! What a blast from the past - a contemporary of Wordstar, Lotus 123 and dBase 4. A venerable museum piece perhaps, but hardly the app dev platform for the 21st century. And it's just mail-merge! And gullible Lvb pollies pay $2,500 p.a. for the privilege to use it?

    1. Perhaps they need to pivot it into a video chat app. They should remember they can only achieve greatness if they first do goodness...

    2. I certainly remember WordStar, Lotus 123 (though not VisiCalc) and dBase, Anony, but not Dataflex because I was an IBM mainframer then and it took just a wee bit of time for 4GLs to penetrate the mainframe market (though I did do a fair bit of work with DB2).

      But looking up Wikipedia ( ) it says that the current version of Dataflex is 18.2 as at June 2016. Now that's a real survival story, there isn't much left over from those long past days.


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