Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 26, and standing tall with Tess, the pond makes an urgent plea for the revival of the crusades ...

It's a day too soon for a pond Sunday meditation, but Tess's thoughtful call for the need to keep up the war-mongering proved too tempting, and the pond just had to break early ...

Indeed, indeed, where would all this nonsense and tosh about peace lead the world?

Indeed, indeed, the pond was totally gobsmacked.

Enough of that idle chatter by that false god blathering on about "Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body, and be ye thankful", and so on and so forth, in the many jibber jabbering bits about peace and love and all that crap that litter the holy scriptures like so many irrelevant cow pats in a Tamworth pasture ...

What we need is another crusade against the bloody Islamics, and their threat to the Judeo-Christian world ... we simply can't have enough righteous, justified religious wars in the world! It worked out so well in Iraq.

Of course the Judeo-Christian world, which has nothing to do with the Greco-Roman world, is astonishing for its tolerant way with minorities and 'the other'.

Why it's love of complimentary women and its enthusiastic support of gay rights -  in a way that deviant Islamic fundamentalists simply couldn't understand - found its most recent expression when the tykes expressed their love by writing to all the important CEOs in the land, even the few that were gay ... (Church told gay CEOs at Qantas, SBS to stop supporting marriage equality).

Naturally the gutless, gormless Telstra was the first to fold, and so St Augustine's rule of a pre-emptive strike - hit 'em in the guts then kick 'em when they're down - proved once more to be the correct path in open warfare.

But please, do go on Tess ...

Yes, yes, because climate science is truly a bundle of laughs ...

As opposed to the feast of the immaculate conception, which celebrates a rampant ghost wandering the planet inseminating hapless virgins.

Well amen to all that, and let the warfare continue in rich abundance ... but please allow the pond one little caveat ...


  1. Look, I know that Christianity and Communism weren't exactly bosom buddies, but.... "Hundreds of millions... were imprisoned, tortured and killed"? I don't want to accuse Tess of exaggeration, but they're some seriously large numbers.

    And what's a good Catholic girl doing quoting a C of E Bishop in support of her arguments? In the good old days those traditionalists she's so keen on (you know, the ones who chuckle so at memories of minor characters from Evelyn Waugh novels) would have burned such heretics at the stake!

    But what else can you expect from today's Green-Left Church.......

    1. Yeah, "hundreds of millions".

      Where does such stuff come from ? Is there some kind of brain 'module' that just makes this stuff up and then spreads it incontrovertibly into the consciousness ? Like maybe the conspiracy 'theorists' have ?

      Not even a moment's hesitation for some kind of mental reasonableness check. And nobody else to even care whether it makes any sense.

  2. Given that we now know so many corporations don't pay any tax, that meme doesn't quite work any more.

  3. Given that we now know so many corporations don't pay any tax, that meme doesn't quite work any more.

  4. Just a comment about Immaculate Conception. Does not refer to Jesus, it refers to Mary. The RC belief is that Mary was conceived without original sin, so that she could be the mother of Jesus.

    1. Indeed, indeed, the pond frequently falls into grievous theological error, and becomes confused at the immaculate conception of Mary and the immaculate virgin insemination of Mary by the Holy Ghost and the dangerous power of semen ...(Thomas Aquinas wrote that human beings incur original sin through being begotten by the active power in a man's semen. Therefore, he felt, it was proper that Christ assumed flesh from a woman, as "the power of a man's semen ought not to have accomplished the formation of Christ's body.

      In much the same way, the pond frequently gets the names of Santa's reindeer wrong and can never remember the entire Seven Dwarves, and is inclined to dismiss the lot of it as fairy story mumbo jumbo.

      But your point is well made, and appreciated, and the pond promises not to conflate the immaculate conception with the doctrine of incarnation, at least until next Sunday

      Now it's off to say an appropriate number of Hail Marys in the quest for redemption.

  5. What a prick that Neil James is.


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