Friday, March 04, 2016

When leakers leak, expect the fearsome squid, courtesy of the bromancer and Rowe, to take nattering negativity to new levels ...

Oh dear, Chairman, please, bring Mitt into line. The indignity being attacked by a wet lettuce leaf.

The entire world would be mad not to unify behind a proto-neo-fascist.

Who else could make the trains run on time, except for the founder of Trump University ...

Besides, what would the likes of Colbert do for comedy items?

Meanwhile, today's missives offer many opportunities.

The bloated one who infests the Friday page of the lizard Oz is on hand to suggest a good meal is the best solution ...

Always an expert in wondrous irony and Swiss bank accounts, it reminded the pond of the time that the lunch muncher took Fairfax to court and won 50k in defamation proceedings ... (and you can Greg Hunt that moment here, careful of stray walri).

Well you have to keep the cash kicking into the tills if you want to tip after a good lunch. Who would want to join the non-tipping movement and expect decent wages in the sector?

Meanwhile, Tess of the Pellists keeps toiling away valiantly for the reptiles ...

... though it seems that the Cardinal shouldn't try to lie down with the lions ...

Yes, that'd be catastrophe lies, because who would want to call them catastrophic?

(and more Dyson here).

Sometimes, it's an honer to read the reptiles.

Meanwhile, enough of the headlines, because the pond had the particular pleasure last night of watching Greg Sheridan lie...

For those who missed it, they can relive the moment here, at least until the link doesn't work and they can't.

It wasn't a bout of disingenuousness, or mild under-handed deceit, or duplicitousness, or deceptive dissimulation, or even a bit of two-faced mendacious insincerity.

It was a bald-faced lie. And he didn't do it once, he did it a couple of times, saying he didn't care a jot or a whit about Abbott v. Turnbull, he was only interested in submarines.

Naturally the hapless ABC host didn't quite know how to deal with such a bald-faced lie. After all, it's probably considered impolite to call one of your invited guest panellists a bald-faced liar.

Oh there were dances around the point, as to why Sheridan might have called on Tony Abbott, of all people, to make a comment on the defence paper leak, and why Abbott should have jumped in to stir the waters, but in the face of the bald-faced assertion that the leak had nothing to do with Turnbull v. Abbott, the man was only interested in submarines, what could be said?

As to whether the bromancer is at all interested in Abbott v. Turnbull, who can forget his call clarion call back on December 7 2015 in the lizard Oz for the Coalition to make room for Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott. It was a plaintive cry, a haunted, haunting tale of love for his good friend. It opened this way:

Malcolm Turnbull needs Tony Abbott. He would best serve his government’s interests if he persuaded Abbott to come back to the cabinet.

You can google it if you like, that's a sufficient clue, but it ended in exactly the same way:

Abbott’s appeal to certain sectors of the electorate — older Australians, bushies, Queensland Nats, social conservatives — complements Turnbull’s.
Those conservative Liberals who think that if Turnbull wins the next election it will be a reward for treachery are crazy. Almost every modern political leader has come to office in a partyroom challenge to their predecessor. 
Those small-“l” Liberals who think that Abbott is permanently toxic and must be destroyed have no understanding of the structures of their own side of politics. 
Greg Hunt has shown in ­climate policy the power of ­uniting Abbott and Turnbull in a common purpose. 
The Liberal Party cannot base its future on a repudiation of everything Abbott stands for. ­Remember the scale of Abbott’s political achievements. In the long run, the Turnbull government would be much stronger with ­Abbott in the cabinet.

So much for only caring about submarines.

Sheridan must really have a profound contempt for anyone listening to him or watching ...

Amongst the reptiles, it's probably much the same as it is for Islamic fundamentalists who accept the notion that it's okay to lie to infidels and unbelievers ...

Meanwhile, Sheridan's carefully calibrated inclusion of the flabbergasted Abbott in his defence leak story kept rolling around amongst the reptiles like a wayward Jaffa ...

And naturally the krispy kreme Fairfaxians were also on hand to ask that fateful question and bring back memories of the Ruddster ...

But the krispy kremers would say that - a reward is currently being offered for a sighting of Paul 'magic water' Sheehan - and evoke former Chairman Rudd, and so naturally the pond reverted to the reptiles, because a domestic is so much more appealing than a common brawl in the streets ...

Crowe - odd avian name for a reptile until you remember the connection birds have to dinos - started his piece cautiously enough by reliving a bit of history ...

But inevitably he then had to turn to the matter of the moment and the bromancer's role in it:

Of course this doesn't give an answer to the notion that the leak might have been done for and on behalf of Abbott, nor does Sheridan's denial help, because the coda should have been "The source might not have been Tony Abbott directly, but naturally I talked to Tony Abbott at once and featured him prominently, just to make sure the shit-stirring could continue apace."

And so finally Crowe had to get around to discussing this difficulty ...

Et tu reptiles, evoking the ghost of Chairman Ruddster?

Well the pond hopes and wishes that the leaking continues. 

After all, it's likely not many Australian politicians have named their cat after the name that Daesh confiscated for themselves - damn you fundamentalist Islamics, leave the pond's Egyptian goddess alone - and we must think of the satirists while yearning for more Rowe here ... 

By golly, this is a good likeness, but what exactly is that gigantic, fearsome squid doing to hapless ScoMo? Did the pond miss something? Like the speaker in tongues finding it hard to speak in basic maths?


  1. Sheridan lying? No, No, it can't be, he has been trained by Jesuits.
    Mitt choked by a one-liner -
    "I could've said, 'Mitt, drop to your knees,' and he would've dropped to his knees."
    Imagine the questions next time Mitt gets to his feet.

  2. Please, DP, slap me now ... hard! I've just realised I'd rather listen to Trumps blather than to the mind-numbing verbiage from Liberal Party functionaries. ScoMo's breathless Gish Gallop is bad enough. Why, though, the constant injection of "My point is ...", "With the greatest respect ..." and the like?

    1. Ah yes, UC, but the Gish Gallop is a now time honred (thanks, Trumpskin !) rhetorical device that is totally unanswerable. The only way to respond to it at all is to act as though your interlocutor hasn't said anything at all - and for the most part in a Gish Gallop, that's actually true (in the 'higher' sense of true, of course).

      And Gish, bless his terminated soul, was a genuine master of his own creation.

  3. I caught the Bromancer on the after midnight recycle cycle and had my sleep somewhat disturbed,to say the least. It was bad enough hearing the total bullshit and lies regards Pell,but when it got to the submarines and the compassion for them,it was beyond belief.Won't someone think of the submarines,for the love of God!At least he travels in good company.
    Maybe the Bro. and Devile et al. should head of to Broken Rites for a couple of hours for a refresher course.
    or here.
    and wade through the State Grand Jury Report if brave enough.
    No wonder Julia Baird had that stupid WTF look on her face after Sheridan had finished his rant.

  4. The Bromancer grew up Catholic and "never heard a skerrick" about clerical misdemeanour.

    There we go, no need for a Royal Commission. Nothing to see here, move along folks....

  5. ScoMo and breathless - what a lovely concept.


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