Thursday, March 10, 2016

Call that the return of the living dead? How about the return of the living Moorice?

Forget all that idle chatter about the Werris Creek Mauler v Barners the Utterly Brilliant ...

Forget the years of hell the Daily Terrorists put the country through in the cause of the wall puncher. Their grave sins and crimes against humanity will be punished in due course ...

Forget the Murdochian Sun dragging the Queen into Brexit ...

Oh Rupert, oh Rupert, just married, and already acting like a tree-killer slut ...

But forget all that, because Maurice has spoken, on matters significant to all in the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world ...

Now there's a reason that Moorice bestrides the pond's banner like a colossus.

Whenever Moorice speaks on anything or everything, the pond will drop anything or everything to pay heed. 

Attention must be paid, for this man is as close to a visionary, a mystic, a seer, as the pond has ever seen ...

Let us cluster around to marvel at his words of wisdom, though a few certain stray insolent wretches must wipe images and thoughts on the mat at the door ...

Please, none of those cheap, easy Colbert-like shots ...

Why if not Trump, in another time, another place, with a bit of luck and a change of circumstances, it might have been someone like Maurice, who knows the value of a strong man and strong leadership ...

Yes, yes, and dammit wouldn't you know, that uncaring elite showed their limitless contempt by installing a Kenyan Muslim into the presidency.

How does the pond know this? Why it's thanks to the Donald himself.

Amazing? Spooky!

But back to Moorice, though the pond must first politely ask everyone to respond appropriately. Assume the position please ...

Ah, that's better ...

Now you'll be in a better position to receive the shared wisdom of teh Donald and teh Moorice ...

Build a wall, build a wall. 
Ban them, ban them all ...

Now let us return to the hope of the side ...

A Trump moment in Australia?

But wait, we've already had our Trump moment in Australia, we had the wall puncher, thanks be unto Maurice, the reptiles and friends ...

What could these inscrutable runes mean? Is there something decipherable in the entrails? Does that feverish liver portend something?

Is teh Moorice predicting a Trump moment which will see the Werris Creek Mauler run roughshod over the Barnyard Chook?

No, it couldn't be. Sure the Mauler gave Armidale genuine fibre broadband, but that wicked man pretends he's against coal wrecking the Liverpool plains. He even purports an interest in climate science. Shame, Mauler, shame ...

Or is Moorice hinting that the wall puncher might leave the Liberal party, take charge of the Australia First Party, or perhaps the Rise Up Australia Party, lead a hugely popular uprising against the political elites and storm to victory, so that Australia might enjoy the rich fruits of a thousand year Tony ... with Moorice as his inestimable, invaluable advisor ...

Stranger things have happened, oh you sniggering, mocking malcontents ... but a change is coming, the pond can feel it in the wind ...

And until that day, Moorice is secure in his prominent position in the pond's banner. We need such men of substance, we need such visionaries to make the pond's day complete.

Oh and where would we be without David Rowe, and more Rowe here ...


  1. Compare and contrast: front page of the Terror with the front page of the Snail:

    1. They're crazy, batshit crazy, but although it would be a joy to see I bet the LyingNastyParty won't so certainly risk this nor many other Queensland seats by allowing a Newman Can't Do dominated election.

  2. Moorice: "(Trump) is remaking his image. He promises to be a uniter" - is this a new word for a one-term president?

  3. Tony Windsor will stand against mad Barners. His announcement makes a lot of sense (even though he is not the most articulate speaker), but I'd vote for him.

  4. Does the Dutch Fascist convicted liar still believe in global cooling?

  5. Oh that's unkind, surely it's fairer and more polite to call him a crypto fascist boot licking servile Murdochian psychophant?

    As for that first link, this might be better for readers

    That https address sends browsers into a frenzy

    1. January 2008?? Isn't that, like, a generation ago?

      Why, Chairman Rudd was still PM - the first time!!

  6. Moorice gets it wrong by lazy lizard recycling of copy from earlier national and international Newscorpse make believe stories. One instance here is retelling his RWNJ reptile readership that ...after two generations, Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci's aim to capture American culture by a "long march through the institutions" is complete. There's two sizeable and easily spotted errors in that little snippet. One, it wasn't Gramsci's aim nor his expression. Two, ignoring their nazi loving father, co-founder of the John Birch society, it's actually the Koch brothers' far right octopus that has captured "America" (and elsewhere) by capturing the institutions, and they have done that in only one generation! (Well, they've been at their takeover plan for around forty years which I suppose technically covers two generations, but it is less than half their single lifetime to date...)

    The long march through the institutions (German: der lange Marsch durch die Institutionen) is a slogan coined by student activist Rudi Dutschke"

    The meaning of Dutschke's idea of a 'long march through the institutions' is in fact highly contested: most historians[10] of '68 in West Germany understand it to mean advocating setting up an alternative society and recreating the institutions which were seen by Dutschke as beyond reform in their current state. It is highly unlikely Dutschke would have promoted change from within the parliamentary and judicial system, which were populated by former Nazis and political conservatives. This is made clear in the SDS reaction to the Kiesinger-led CDU-SPD grand coalition and the authoritarian Emergency Laws they passed.

    1. Far too technical for the pond Anon, we're just happy to call Moorice a blithering idiot, and assume everything he says contains errors large and small.

    2. Fascinating info for me anon cos the RWNJ's on one of my fav blogs are always going on about this long march by the Left through the institutions; I've told them that we on the left don't march, we are dancing through these institutions but I never get replies. That's because my comments are rarely published so no one but the moderator gets to read them.

      Some of the sad people on this site use pseudonyms like Up the Wukka's and Toiling Mass.

      I try and have some empathy for them and the confusion in which they seem to live their strange pointless lives in which everyone is a leftie and it's all so easy, if only gubbermint would piss off they would all be so happy.

      I doubt they would publish any comment that provided them with accurate knowledge of this phrase and of the so many other concepts and ideas that they mis-understand.

      The thread on the devil woman Niki Sava and how what she did to their great white hope Tony is just beyond the pale is hilarious though.

  7. So where Muslims settle, they form colonies? But where Christians and capitalists settle they don't form colonies and they do consolidate and join the mix?

    Does Moorice have some sort of dementia?

    1. Moorice demented. Who'd 'a thunk it? Some of his Hayek quotes also sourced here:

  8. How many kinds of dementia are there ?

    Any'ow, ghettoization is precisely the normal human reaction to being dumped in a place of strangers. All the migrant groups that have settled in Australia have done it, from the wine growing Germans in South Aus. to the post-WWII wogs in Carlton and Richmond in Melbourne (and the later-arriving Vietnamese, also in Richmond, but up the north end).

    Indeed, in that city that originally gave rise to 'civilization', Chang'an, it was the eventual realization that living in ghettos promoted murderous conflict and seriously got in the way of making money out of the silk trade that mixed and mutually tolerant habitation got under way. [Yes, there was a lot of mixed tolerant habitation in Rome, but that was a single nation where everybody wanted to become a citizen, Chang'an was a transient place where nobody but born and bred locals wanted to stay, so everybody else had to learn to behave civilly by themselves]

    1. GB,the ghettoization of the workers paradise of Richmond continues. The post WWII Greeks have retired and moved on to be replaced by the inner-urban latte sippers.

    2. "Ghettoisation" (I struggle with zeds) is an interesting topic.

      When I was 16 (1966) my best mate was Lebanese. "Oh dear", I hear you say, but he was a good one (Catholic). He lived at Campsie (Syd) and in those days Campsie was mostly Lebanese (good ones).
      They (the good ones) spread from Campsie to Wiley Park to Punchbowl to Bankstown.
      I don't recall much talk of them living in ghettos, not assimilating, etc, but that may be because they were the good ones.
      I do recall some talk of Vietnamese not assimilating but they looked very different to us so it may be true.
      If I moved to Lebanon or Vietnam I would probably, to some degree, hang around with fellow Australians. Sure, it would probably turn into a ghetto but I think it would be a good one.

    3. Anony 1: yeah, though it continues apace elsewhere, eg Mount Waverley is joining Box Hill as a mainline Chinese ghetto (Mt Waverley Secondary College is majority Chinese these days, and the estate agents take care to put on the 'For Sale' signs, "Within the Mt Waverley College area" or words to that effect (ie the kiddies will be able to enroll in the Mt Waverley College).

      Anony 2: yair, I don't go for zeds that much either, but the spell checker always wants to turn my esses into zeds and resistance is futile.

      As to ghettos, well they're all good unless they aren't. Most ghettos are typically like the Curate's egg: "Good, in parts". And ghettos are seldom entire suburbs, of course. And people do come and go over time, because unless the parents move on, or there's still a lot of purchase ready houses in an area, the kids always have to move out eventually. And by then, many of them have higher ambitions, or at least classier suburbs, in mind.

      In the long run, "urban renewal" gets everywhere.


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