Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Malware will struggle in 2016 ... poodle wrangling is an almost mystical art form ...

The pond's judges have been distracted by an agile, innovative, pivot to win the award of silliest politician of the year, sub-category "never put it in a tweet or a text message"...

The pond's judges remain resolute - the joint award, previously given, stands undisputed and unchallenged and the co-winners may continue to enjoy the silly season as champions, thanks to their many silly contributions during the year ...

The pond's judges note that they have gone on Xmas break,  temptations of wi fi not withstanding, and are resolutely uninterested in re-visiting awards already won, as if the pond was some sort of Miss Universe pageant, and as if the obvious candidates hadn't already been garlanded with many richly deserved honours ...

The pond is absolutely not working through the Xmas season, as some others are doing, so that they might discover the power of a union campaign ...

Ah the pity of it all, and not just the Australian education system and the teachin' and the learnin' bout 'postrophes and punktuation and that sorta thing ... which is still slowly sinkin'g in ...

Meanwhile, roll on the new year ...

And then in 2016 we can all learn to love and play with the drones we'll have been given as Xmas presents ...


  1. The Poodle's just jealous that he left it too late to dislodge Dutton as Crikey's Arsehat of The Year winner. So were Erica, Brandis, Cormann, Hunt and Morrison... and that's before we get to the Team Australia's former Captain.

    So many to choose from ...

  2. La Vitriole's kiss of death.

    "The intimidation of Kathy Jackson...Great to see Cathy Jackson (sic) standing for principle...I admire her courage."


    "Bankrupt Kathy Jackson has been ordered to pay the Health Services Union almost $1m, meaning she now owes it about $2.4m.

    On Tuesday the federal court told the disgraced whistleblower to pay the union $997,349 in costs and judgement interests.

    It came about a week after the court denied Jackson’s bid to appeal an order that said she should repay about $1.4m of misused union funds."

  3. Well done ACF for sending me this beautifully personalised begging letter (I cut and paste verbatim).


    2015, what a legendary year. A year you made possible.

    When world leaders headed to Paris for the UN climate summit you joined millions of people across the globe for the biggest climate march the world has ever seen."


  4. I got a Christmas card email today from Malcolm and Lucy and foolishly replied to it.

    I got this response.

    ***Please be advised that this email address is no longer in use***

    Says it all really.


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