Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When the lies get so big and the fog gets so thick ...

(Above: pond favourite David Rowe scores a place in the top ten here).

Lately the pond has been drawn back to the old days - Zappa, Burroughs' cut-up technique, heck even William Blake in the NYRB here, currently outside the paywall, hurry there, don't keep reading here ...

From Eisensteinian montage, from juxtaposition, might come insight and understanding, and so the pond felt the need to run Dame Slap up against the l'essence Devine to  see if the heat generated any light at all, to see if the sparks could light the torch of liberty ...

The pond began to get a glimmer of light and understanding. Catholic fundamentalist bigotry is good, but Islamic fundamentalist bigotry is bad ...

Would the Devine help in this quest?

Yes, it seems that dinkum Aussie - oi, oi, oi - bigotry is good, except when it's Jacqui Lambie, and then it's bad, but when it comes to Reclaim Australia, and Xmas being under threat, why dinkum Aussie - oi, oi, oi - bigotry is wonderful ...

So this is how to pick the cherries and choose the grapes ...

Can Dame Slap explain even further? Of course she can, at great and tedious length:

Yes, remember fundamentalist Islamic bigots, what you do is a bad thing. But dangerous radicalisation and bigotry involving the Catholic church is okay ...

But speaking of stifling orthodoxy, as we sometimes must do, does the Devine sound like Dame Slap, or two peas in a pod, or merely Dum and Dee?

Yes, that's a fine dribbling line, doing the apologist thing for the Catholic church and RA, but doesn't that line have all the hallmarks of Murdochian jihadism at its finest ...

... most of the hatred and division is sown by self-regarding enforcers of political correctness who will not countenance alternative world views ...

Of course you could re-phrase that ...

... most of the hatred and division is sown by self-regarding Murdochians spouters of bile, who will not countenance alternative world views ... while offering up a most peculiar form of intolerance and political correctness of a fundamentalist right wing kind, 

They are not interested in tolerance and understanding. They inflame hate, fear and loathing and love the notion that certain creeds may continue their intolerance with impunity, maligning gays and women's rights, as if somehow, magically, this intolerance wasn't precise and exact fit with the intolerance of fundamentalist Islamics and other barking mad religions ...

And as a result they push people into the clutches of extremists and dangerously radicalise the pond and send us back to Zappa...

They got lies so big 
They don't make a noise 
They tell 'em so well 
Like a secret disease 
That makes you go numb 
With a big ol' lie 
And a flag and a pie
And a mom and a bible 
Most folks are just liable 
To buy any line 
Any place, any time 
When the lie's so big 
As in Robertson's case, 
(That sinister face 
Behind all the Jesus hurrah) 
Could result in the end 
To a worrisome trend 
In which every American 
Not "born again" 
Could be punished in cruel and unusual ways 
By this treacherous cretin 
Who tells everyone 
That he's Jesus' best friend 
When the lies get so big 
And the fog gets so thick 
And the facts disappear 
The Republican Trick 
Can be played out again 
People, please tell me when 
We'll be rid of these men! 
Just who do they really 
Suppose that they are? 
And how do they manage to travel as far
As they seem to have come? 
Were we really that dumb? 
People, wake up Figure it out 
Religious fanatics 
Around and about The Court House, The State House, 
The Congress, The White House Criminal saints 
With a "Heavenly Mission" - 
A nation enraptured 
By pure superstition 
Do you believe in the Invisible Army? 
(Yes, indeed!) 
When the lie's so big 
And the fog so thick 
And the facts kept forgotten 
Then the Republican Trick 
(Ketchup is a vegetable!) 
Can be played out again 
People, please tell me when 
We'll be rid of these men!

Time for another Rowe, a portrait of a tragic and pitiful figure:

And so to a little Zappa ...



  1. Ms Pond, Just do not eat the yellow snow.
    Apropos the Catholic Church (or any of the fundies) and teh gays. We begat a son with Klinefelter's, which led us to do a little research. What actually constitutes gender? is XXY a male, how about XXYY, XXX, XXXX, or a 46xxr(22)
    So to clarify I wrote to Cardinal Pell to understand who his church would marry and who it would not. I never received a reply, sigh.

  2. Oh, and, MS Pond:
    Good luck with your NBN and your Optus HFC.
    " Leaked internal documents have revealed that the NBN company is considering overbuilding the HFC cable network it purchased from Optus at a cost of $800 million, in a move which dramatically validates long-standing criticism that the HFC cable technology could not meet Australia’s future broadband needs."
    Hat tip to Delimiter

    1. Enough, sldr360, the pond is feeling very ginger about this one ...

  3. Tallulah BankheadNov 25, 2015, 5:20:00 PM

    It's curious that Devine is so against the suppression of Reclaim Australia's 'free speech', considering these are the same dickheads who tried to stop the construction of a mosque in Bendigo. (Don't hear much from the 'religious freedom' brigades about that, or about Trump's plan to maintain a database of Muslims; evidently it's far more important to fight for the sacred right of bakers to not make cakes for teh gays.)

    1. Ah Tallulah, easier to peel a grape than work out the fuckwitted inconsistencies and hypocrisies of the Devine ...


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