Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In which the pond stays loyal to the world's greatest climate scientist ... and no, that's not Andrew Bolt ...

(Above: and more Pope here).

Say what you will, the pond is loyal, loyal to a fault.

More impassioned bloggers would be rightly devoting their time to sundry national disgraces, not the least the mutton known as Dutton.

Others would probably be distracted by old favourites, such as Dame Slap or the Swiss bank account man:

But the pond is not for turning.

Once the pond knew that Moorice had graced the reptiles of Oz with his opinions, there was simply no choice.

Now sad to say, Moorice has temporarily abandoned his primary expertise as one of the world's great climate scientists, but still attention must be paid to anything he pronounces on ...

Let loose the agile hounds Jeeves ...

Now note well, the skills embraced in this tract. 

You will not, for example, find a single mention of the United States. It's best to talk of the Soviet Union and China and so on, because any mention of the United States might be awkward and lead to links to the Atlantic here, or Mother Jones here, and their talk of graphs and such like.

Well so much for the land of the rich and the free and assorted state sales tax regimes which transfer the burden of tax to the poor.

But back to Moorice, still beavering away while his epic climate science studies lie mouldering in the bottom drawer, and he builds to a zinger of a conclusion, which amply demonstrates the rewards available to the faithful and the loyal:

They don't write 'em like that any more, but the pond found that last line excruciatingly delicious ...

... don't expect the rent seekers who are the real beneficiaries of redistributive policies to vote for a GST increase ...

Because those bloody poor people don't know what's good for them, and what's wrong with taxing the fresh food they eat, because they'd all be better off dumpster diving and ending the waste inherent in supermarkets ...

Or some such thing.

And so to a couple more cartoons about the deeds of mutton Dutton, because if the pond tackled the subject directly, this site might be banned for NSFW profanity ... why even the Kiwis are having a go ...


  1. Moorice continues to conflate fiscal and monetary economics (and completely misunderstand the latter). Dot, much as you wish for it, you know you can't have that FTTP NBN connection until ScoMo has saved up enough shekels to buy you one. It's as simple as that.

    1. Please, no taunting Mercurial, it's bad enough that the son gloats daily about his broadband connection, one delivered not by the NBN, but by others who saw a bungled roll out and an opportunity in apartments ...

  2. The "journalists" at The Australian are increasingly resembling a toy motor boat with a broken rudder in a bathtub. Circle after circle after circle....but no apparent end.

    If you keep writing something repeatedly, it will come true.

    For instance, anyone of school age can write an article under the name Chris Kenny. Just locate around 700 words, and use the following terms twice:

    "As I recently advised the PM", "compassionistas" slacktivists" and "love media"

    Once completed, invoice News Ltd, let the subbies formulate it, and voila, you're become a "journalist"

    Welcome to Holt St, sit anywhere you feel comfortable.

    1. Your job application has been accepted VC. Please bring your credentials to the bunker door and be ready to be bullied.

    2. Congrats, VC!! And don't forget the versatile (or is it agile?) phrase "taxpayer-funded behemoth", which can be applied to ABC, SBS, or both as the occasion requires :).

  3. Pope Francis -

    "“Before the problems of the church it is not useful to search for solutions in conservatism or fundamentalism, in the restoration of obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally,” the pope said.

    “Christian doctrine is not a closed system incapable of generating questions, doubts, interrogatives. But it is alive, knows being unsettled ... it does not have a rigid face, it has a body that moves and grows, it has a soft flesh: it is called Jesus Christ.”"

    Expect howls of outrage from the RWNJ's at this blatant leftism. How dare the Pope actually preach the message of Christ! It might even drive some of them to Protestantism.

    1. No, never was christ myth, only always pathological religionist power and treasure hungry chameleon ratbaggery. The medium is the message.

  4. Not the fucking politics of envy slur? You'd think they would be over this one by now.

    Really it must be the saddest of all the silly little vanities these 'rich' and aspirational people have left; to imagine that 'the poors' envy them and their stupid greedy and selfish way of life and their surfeit of useless things.

    Such simple people those who wish to be envied are, and so common with their uncomplicated admiration of money grubbing.

    1. Steady Anon, you're sounding a bit too Jesus for the pond's liking ... though no doubt we'll all be gratified when Moorice tries to squeeze through the eye of a needle

  5. Rising Saudi executions: 'More than just numbers'
    "..It's about what the figures represent and the reality behind it."

    1. The pond appreciates these links to Wahhabist hell

  6. Late to this party I know, but last time I looked the Spanish Civil War was a Falangist etc uprising against a duly elected government...


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