Friday, October 09, 2015

Speaking of the Murdochian death cult, as the pond is often wont to do ...

Question: what role does the Daily Terror and its commentariat play in cultivating and encouraging the alienation, demonising and radicalising of a certain section of Sydney society?

 Or put it another way, in fear mongering, creating division, and a sense of the other, and without a whisper or a hint that Australia might have gaily tripped off to the Iraq war without a nanosecond's thought, in the corridors of power, though not in the streets of protest, with regard to its possible outcomes ...

Actually it'd probably only take one day if they were to stumble across the Terrorist hate fest:

Yes, we're deep inside the heart of Australia's problems, and it's time to talk once again of the terror unleashed in Iraq with the full approval of the Murdochians ...

Or maybe not. The milk spilt by the neo-cons continues to curdle a decade or so later ...

But the pond will bite. Let's get rid of all prayer classes in school. Let's sack all the chaplains. Hey, the pond would be happy if all religion-based schools lost their taxpayer subsidies.

Oh sure, a few fundamentalist Christian classes preaching bile and hate against the gays and the rights of women and demanding the execution of anyone unfortunate enough to become involved in an abortion and teaching creationism and other nonsense, but we all make sacrifices right?

Wrong ...

Because, it seems, heading off to Iraq to bomb the shit out of the citizenry is a fine example of non-violent kindness and tolerance. Yes, the Bolter was up there with the rest of the war monger cheerleaders ...

Unfortunately the Bolter provides the pond with a very tempting Mephistophelean pact. Would you rather have the immigration or the freedom?

You mean, we could ban all Dutch migration, on the principle that it will save us from the spawning of one right wing idiot who blathers tabloid nonsense at the drop of a hat?

But what of all the innocent Dutch Australians who go about their lives contributing mightily to the country? Ah well, we don't discriminate, so the Bolter can continue with his idiocy, and we must accept the absurd notion that evangelical Christians don't warp the weave of Australian society with their bigotry ... along with the equally idiotic Islamic fundamentalists dreaming of their virgins in paradise.

Won't someone explain to them all that all you get is one ride on the merry go round, and once you punch your ticket that's it.

Speaking of bigotry, the pond has become quite a fan of the Spectator, featuring as it does the nonsensical editorials of Rowan Dean. The latest one confirms what the pond has suspected for a long time. The right wing commentariat need enemies, need trouble and strife, need fear and demons and can't ever be happy without them.

Any talk of love is immediately met with contempt. Sophistication, intelligence, philosophy? Mere matters for contempt and mockery.

Was it always thus, or did conservatives once value thinking? Who knows, but it's notably absent in the spectral vision offered down under:

Oh no, not the rich going about their super rorting ways ... what about all those other tax bludgers rorting the filthy rich? That's not right and let's through in a few mots du jour to show we know how to be up ourselves in a right royal way:

Yep, in its own way, the Spectator down under is just an upmarket Murdoch tabloid peddling the same routines about a death cult.

What are we then to make of the statistics for the neo-con Death Cult that produced the Iraq war? Take your pick as you Greg Hunt it here - anywhere between 151k and 500k - who knows the exact number, they're just invisible alien human bodies destroyed and lost - but these days you won't find anyone confessing to having been a member of, or a cheerleader for, that particular Death Cult ...

As for that Thawley Essay prize, the pond was tempted by the amount on offer. We're only human ... but then we went and checked out the previous year's winner, which included all the usual sniggers ...

Very comical, ticking off Orwell and men and women, or should that be women and men, but then the pond realised it could never enter, because it lacked the invention required:

People interested in human rights discharge shit?

Nope, the pond couldn't write that sort of cleverness. You'd need a dimwit studying law at Oxford to come up with that level of fecal cleverness ...

Oh wait, perhaps there's a good joke about human rights lawyers discharging excrement over a woman unable to obtain a legal abortion on Nauru ... that'd have them rolling jaffas down between the desks at the Spectator offices, and then the pond could get to dine with the loons ...

Meanwhile, it wouldn't be a complete and satisfying Friday without perusing the memes and the twitterati - oh how they irritate the reptiles - and as Chairman Rupert is a keen member of the twitterati that the reptiles abhor, hasn't he been setting a cracking pace?


  1. Malcolm has said that people are free to leave if they don't love it here. If that applies to the Reclaim Australia fckwits who don't want Mosques and do spread bs about the inherent violence of the Muslim religion, then that's fine with me. The white bigots can take their hatred and bugger off to somewhere they needs arseholes.

    And another thing, penalty rates are higher on Sundays because that is 'our' western civilization day of rest as the good lord instructed us, so how come no christians are complaining about the attempt to make this day just another day by taking penalty rates away?

    How come they don't care that another of the pillars of our Judeo-Christian heritage is being trashed?

    It's not Muslims who are changing our way of life, is it.

    And why would Muslims not disdain our claims that our way of life and our religion is better than theirs when we are prepared to abandon any of the ten commandments with gay abandon at the whiff of a cheaper worker.

  2. Leviticus 24:16 (King James translation): "And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death."

    In other words, kill the non-believer.

    1. "I don't think it ought to be blasphemy, just saying 'Jehovah!'"
      "He said it again!"

    2. Well played Frank D. Please allow the pond to play some more:

      Official: I'm warning you. If you say "Jehovah" once more ...
      (He gasps at his error and claps his hand over his mouth. A stone
      hits him on the side of the head. He reacts.)
      Right! Who threw that?
      Women: (high voices)
      It was her.
      It was "him".
      (low voices)
      It was him.
      Official: Was it you?
      Culprit: Yes.
      Official: All right.
      Culprit: Well, you did say "Jehovah."

      (The women all shriek and throw stones at her from very close range. She falls
      to the ground stunned. Quick cut of Romans reacting. They shake their heads
      and mutter to each other.)

      Official: Stop that. Stop it, will you stop that. Now look, no one is to
      stone anyone until I blow this whistle. "Even!"...and I want to
      make this absolutely clear..."even!" if they do say "Jehovah."

      (There is a pause. Then all the women throw stones at the Official and he
      goes down in a heap. Five women carry a huge rock, run up and drop it on the
      Official. Everyone claps. The guards sadly shake their heads.)


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