Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Through gritted teeth ...

(Above: and more excellent Rowe here).

The day before October strikes is a busy time for the reptiles, and by extension for the pond, and there is much chattering about matters of great moment ...

And as always it's wise to approach the fractious critters through gritted teeth:

Uh huh. Well might be cast off the Abbott era's scepticism, but can the reptiles cast off the Abbott era chattering class?

Nope, nope, nope.

Of course it would take only a nanosecond for the rhetorical Sheridan to use the intertubes to discover all the names and the membership expiry dates of the ten non-permanent members by clicking on the UN here.

Then he could have made a reptile joke about Malaysia and Nigeria and Angola and Chad and Venezuela being current non-permanent members, and wouldn't that have been more fun than once again mocking New Zealand and banishing it into the bromancer's cherished world of bigoted and woeful ignorance for daring to take a seat?

Why is stupidity and lack of awareness of the world routinely celebrated by the reptiles and most notably the bromancer?

Surely that sort of world government black helicopter routine is best left to the likes of the Bolter?

That's right, altogether too chummy with the UN!

Each day the snark of the Bolter makes him sound more and more like a paid up member of the Labor party trolling the junta that dumped Abbott, with ScoMo and Bishop and Malware treated as wretched traitors, fiends and fellow travellers with the black helicopters and the use of climate science to establish a world government ...

The Bolter's enduring rage raised that other question with the reptiles? How to deal with the embittered ex-PM, still foaming and frothing in rage at his outing?

The bouffant one did his best to issue a gentle warning:

Yes, the fall out from Hadley continued ... and the bouffant one tried to ennoble the bitter one by going Shakespeare on him ...

It seems to be dawning ever so slowly that Abbott is now around, by his own words, until after Christmas, and that leaves a minimum of three months of merry-making in the media. 

And the hypnotised, fascinated reptiles seem compelled to recycle every word, and put a kindly spin on it:

Actually Abbott doesn't have to defend himself. He could have done a Gillard, and once rolled, discreetly parted the scene, and got on with other business.

But Abbott doesn't have any sense of class or style, and there's no way to spin his use of "through gritted teeth" as an assessment of the Malware now in charge of the federal government.

Always combative, always the bully, and always willing to seek out companions in arms, such as Hadley and the Bolter ...

It's now obvious that Abbott, by his own words, and by his retreat from his previous combative remarks, lied about what Morrison said to his office ... and yet the rabid conservative chatterers are encouraging him to keep strutting the stage, instilling mutiny and rage ...

Naturally if you're a Miranda the Devine, you don't blame the man for this, you blame the woman ...

A calm and gracious man? And the Devine dares to scribble about blind spots? 

Why she's got a mote in her eye the size of a camel ... look, there are those words repeated again, like a three word slogan ...

But when you get to the actual text, what a damp squib it turns out to be ...

Yep, there it is ...

He admitted, for the first time, that Treasurer Scott Morrison had indeed warned Credlin on the Friday before the coup ....

So all you need to become a calm and gracious man is to show an infinite capacity for dissembling and lying ... and to blame the woman.

Presumably it was also the woman who allowed to make his first erroneous claim, and only after he spoke in error did she 'fess up and he then nobly walked back his lie.

And if you believe that, you probably think that Abbott is a calm and gracious man ...

Meanwhile, the Devine doubled down on her previous efforts at attention-seeking.

It's too unendurable to spend too long in her company, even through gritted teeth - the point about a troll is that they must always double down on their trolling, because when it's "look at me, look at me" stuff no stone should go unturned.

And who might these femi-fascists be? Can we have a photo please?

The Devine was never one for idle talk about Godwin's Law. 

She lashes out with the shrieking fury of a harridan scorned, and having abused every one up hill and down dale as fascists - that'd  be Mussolini lovers and Hitler fellow travellers - suddenly assumes the posture of the victim of verbal violence:

So if you get bashed in Woollahra, you deserve it, you pampered woman of the chattering classes ...

The pond skipped the rest until it reached the end and the expected further provocation. 

What's the bet the Devine talks of a serious problem, yet trots out again previous outrageous lines without regret or apology, calls opponents fascists yet again, and talks of a domestic violence industry ...

Yep, there's a domestic violence industry at work ... and presumably women encourage men to indulge in domestic violence so they can make a living out of it ... 

Why it would seem that the domestic violence industry is down there with the sex worker industry ...

And presumably the only way to solve domestic violence is to stop unsuitable women from breeding with feckless men... using the unsubtle club of withdrawing welfare incentives so that the unsuitable women can either stop fucking or starve or wander the street begging as a way to sustain their unsuitable taste for fucking ...

Once upon a time, they called that eugenics ...

How boundlessly unideal and ignoble is this whole system! People no longer bother to breed the best for posterity, but let things slide along as best they can. If our churches also sin against the image of the Lord, whose importance they still so highly emphasize, it is entirely because of the line of their present activity which speaks always of the spirit and lets its bearer, the man, degenerate into a depraved proletarian. Afterwards, of course, they make foolish faces and are full of amazement at the small effect of the Christian faith in their own country, at the terrible 'godlessness,' at this physically botched and hence spiritually degenerate rabble, and try with the Church's Blessing, to make up for it by success with the Hottentots and Zulu Kaffirs While our European peoples, thank the Lord, fall into a condition of physical and moral leprosy, the pious missionary wanders off to Central Africa and sets up Negro missions until there, too, our 'higher culture' turns healthy, though primitive and inferior, human beings into a rotten brood of bastards. 
It would be more in keeping with the intention of the noblest man in this world if our two Christian churches, instead of annoying Negroes with missions which they neither desire nor understand, would kindly, but in all seriousness, teach our European humanity that where parents are not healthy it is a deed pleasing to God to take pity on a poor little healthy orphan child and give him father and mother, than themselves to give birth to a sick child who will only bring unhappiness and suffering on himself and the rest of the world. 
 The folkish state must make up for what everyone else today has neglected in this field. It must set race in the center of all life. It must take care to keep it pure. It must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. It must see to it that only the healthy beget children; that there is only one disgrace: despite one's own sickness and deficiencies to bring children into the world, and one highest honor: to renounce doing so. And conversely it must be considered reprehensible: to withhold healthy children from the nation. Here the state must act as the guardian of a millennial future in the face of which the wishes and the selfishness of the individual must appear as nothing and submit. It must put the most modern medical means in the service of this knowledge. It must declare unfit for propagation all who are in any way visibly sick or who have inherited a disease and can therefore pass it on, and put this into actual practice. Conversely, it must take care that the fertility of the healthy woman is not limited by the financial irresponsibility of a state rĂ©gime which turns the blessing of children into a curse for the parents. It must put an end to that lazy, nay criminal, indifference with which the social premises for a fecund family are treated today, and must instead feel itself to be the highest guardian of this most precious blessing of a people. Its concern belongs more to the child than to the adult. 
Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unworthy must not perpetuate their suffering in the body of their children. In this the folkish state must perform the most gigantic educational task. And some day this will seem to be a greater deed than the most victorious wars of our present bourgeois era. By education it must teach the individual that it is no disgrace, but only a misfortune deserving of pity, to be sick and weakly, but that it is a crime and hence at the same time a disgrace to dishonor one's misfortune by one's own egotism in burdening innocent creatures with it; that by comparison it bespeaks a nobility of highest idealism and the most admirable humanity if the innocently sick, renouncing a child of his own, bestows his love and tenderness upon a poor, unknown young scion of his own nationality, who with his health promises to become some day a powerful member of a powerful community. And in this educational work the state must perform the purely intellectual complement of its practical activity. It must act in this sense without regard to understanding or lack of understanding, approval or disapproval.

And so on and so forth.

Well we were speaking about the fascists ... but Adolf had some good ideas, didn't he?

And the Devine wonders why others call her a sicko, weird and fucked in the head ... because sometimes that's all that can be said ...

Oh sheesh, sorry,  seems like it's being splashed around again ...

And lastly - it was always going to be a long day, this day before October - the pond would like to draw attention to an item that turned up in the lizard Oz, speaking as we are in Shakespearian terms of Abbott's legacy, and no we don't mean the federal government spending eleven billion dollars for a third hand fucked copper and HFC network, having previously sold said network to Telstra for a song, courtesy the Howard government, and now Telstra executives are dancing in the streets, observing, with Kerry Packer, that you only get one Malware in a lifetime of searching for the next Alan Bond ...

No, that's monumental folly. This is a minor folly, emblematic of the tokenistic nonsense that Abbott indulged in while remaining deeply convinced that climate science was crap ...

They planned on a 20% attrition rate? Sweet long absent lord, what business plans to chew through its training at that level? Why that's up there with the cash burn of a start up with no sense of tomorrow ... or the hope of a Labor hand out ...

Of course we've been here before ...

The next time anyone mocks Roosevelt, remind them of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the way that Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt couldn't put together a decent socialist scheme, even if the planet depended on it ...

And so to a Pope cartoon, for no reason except the fun of it, and more Pope here ...


  1. Tony is back in fancy dress.
    So far, since the ousting, we have seen Surfer Tony in a dripping wetsuit as he dashed from the surf for his 'accidental' encounter with a Tele scribbler to whom he confided that ScoMo had been less than frank with him about The Spill.
    We have also seen Fireman Tony out and about with his brigade. Quietly, we were told. Quietly? I have seen the pics in national papers.
    What I am gritting my teeth about is that some people, public commentators among those, are so willfully naive that they continue to ascribe noble motivations to Tony Abbott's public utterances about his ousting. Goodness me.
    It is clear to me that Tony is planning a Rudd style comeback.
    He may succeed too.
    Now there is a thought.

    Miss pp

    1. Could be Abbott is trying for Sec-Gen of UN. Wouldn't that have Sheridan tying himself in knots?

  2. What a wonderful admission from the Bromancer, demonstrating yet again his extensive qualifications for the position of Foreign Affairs Editor. Ignorance is Strength.

  3. "He admitted, for the first time, that Treasurer Scott Morrison had indeed warned Credlin on the Friday before the coup ...."

    Ooh, so now, having settled the recondite issue of the difference between "didn't warn ME" and "I called his OFFICE and told THEM", we can now settle down to a truly Wittgensteinian discussion of the meaning of 'warn'.

    It's just like the good old J W Howard days and the deeply philosophical difference between "lie" and "believed untruth".

    It's so exciting to be involved in this creation of a Socratic State.

    1. I find it more comforting to think his office didn't understand what 'febrile' means, GB.

    2. You might be right, Anony. Oh, once you start down the long, winding road of linguistic philosophy, it's never ending, isn't it.

  4. Miranda thinks Tony is pretty damn hot - you know, in a middle aged, hairy chested MAMIL kind of way. She's said so before. Most of us would swoon at that thought, only not in the way Miranda imagines.

  5. Excellent Rowe, as always. And I saw the Chris Brown story the day before reading this in Crikey:
    I'm no fan of Chris Brown, but who is the greater problem here?


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