Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The reptile wars continue, thanks to the Bolter and the deveining Devine ...

What are we to note here?

Well it seems that, after months of the pond and others pointing out the bleeding obvious - that a large snap of Miranda the Devine at the top of her columns verged on narcissism of the pandering kind - the Terrorists decided to reduce the size of the snap at the top of the page, no doubt because the intent of the Devine piece was to assault Peta Credlin, while perversely indulging in a weird kind of Abbott worship.

Can we also note here?

...if you're a cabinet minister or a journalist and you're intimidated by the chief-of-staff of the prime minister then maybe you don't deserve your job ...

No, no, that won't stand, that won't do.

What we are to note here is the ongoing war within the fundamentalists, riven by fierce hatreds and loathings.

It truly is an awesome sight.

Over in one corner is the Bolter, still grieving. The pond just can't get enough, and if you like you can soil yourself, but just this very day he's urged Bronnie to go, just go, and take her monstrous sense of entitlement and her betrayal of noble Tony with her, and berated the ABC for daring to mention a Melbourne musical mocking Abbott - almost literally dancing on his noble grave - and then out pops, like a hoppy toad, the fear and loathing of big Mal, warning that his waffle will drown him (yes he waffled to Leigh Sales), and the way with big Mal in charge, people smugglers sense an opportunity, and the way big Mal has been in the job for eight days and claimed he's already put people to work: Been hired yesterday? Thank Turnbull ...

Oh it's a febrile atmosphere of fear and loathing.

Meanwhile, Miranda the Devine has also been having troubles adjusting. Sure, she mentions Abbott's white-anting and backgrounding of clap happy ScoMo, but her strange intent seems to be a portrayal of noble Tony as mere male, a hapless and helpless stooge, captive to an all-powerful fem dom:

Ah, how they laugh darkly and how bitter they are, and how tawdry and pathetic that rival media power clique .... that saw the PM's office and the Terrorists band together as a happy, loving band of leakers ...

How weird is it? The Devine berating her own rag, recipient of many PMO leaks, as a media power clique?

And yes, there will be a payoff for this trawling through the sludge, the dross of a Devine rambling ...

It turns out first of all that it's all the fault of Julia Gillard, and feminists demanding credentials:

Isn't it a hoot? Somehow the Devine seeks to blame Credlin without beginning to understand how she demeans Abbott as a pathetic wimp who needs a magical female talisman, and who then clings to the power monger for no explicable or irrational reason, even if she's one given to extraordinary diatribes.

Abbott, it seems, just wanted to please this hussy right to the end, besotted by a kind of infantilism that sees him dominated and eager to serve a triumphant matriarch. A helpless toy dancing to the whim of feminists. Why he might even have worn a frock inside the house after all those lengthy hours of exercise on his bike.

Is there are a Freudian in the house? One who can wonder at not just Credlin and Abbott, but also the Devine?

It's easy to see how you can get people coming and going. It seems Credlin was responsible for everything wrong about the Abbott government, except that in the very same breath, she washed her hands of the Captain's most excellent Captain's picks ...

You see, a controlling woman who doesn't know how to control ...

Come on down Dr Zachary Smith and class M-3 model B9 general utility  non-theorizing environmental control robot, something doesn't compute ...

And so to the pay-off:

Did you enjoy it?

...the irony was that Abbott never needed to. He was no more a misogynist than he was an ultra conservative. He loves women.

Oh dear, forget all that idle chatter about fearing gays, and loving coal, why he's just like the Marrickville mauler ... no, not Albo, the other one ...

But what a delight, to see the Devine deliver a dose of abuse to Abbott and to Credlin, as sure a sign as any that Abbott is now deep in the Terrorist doghouse, for having dared to speak a stray word to a Terrorist reporter on the beach ...

Now he has been abandoned and forsaken by the Devine, and he can be written up as something of a pathetic figure in an Eric Stanton cartoon.

Yep, the powerless mere male is the subject of the discipline of the woman "with all the power. But at what cost?":

Well it's outside the safe for work approach of this site to show the pathetic figure below that awesome figure, but isn't this ongoing fallout of reptile v. reptile, conservative hating on conservative, something wondrous and wonderful to see?

Sorry guys, you've been deveined and Devined ...


  1. All those attacks on Credlin remind me of those early Hollywood black n' whites in which the laughing machine was set to loud when the huge battle axe wife took to her tiny hubby with a rolling pin unless he placated her with: 'Yes dear. Yes dear. At once dear".

    Miss pp

  2. Ainsley Gotto , come on down..!

  3. More Captain's picks ...

  4. hahaha the new loon in the pantheon is a bit of a hoot and have you seen how Andrew Elder is taunting him to take his bat and ball and actually start a new loonatic Cory Bernardi Gras party? His dick is too small though. I read that at the "leading right wing and libertarian blog" where the people are even more lacking in decency than the commenters at the Bolters blog.

    you are right about the weird attitude that conservative - non-feminist - women have toward men. It's like they see men as naughty little boys who are at the best and can only function well when being supported by a good woman who stays behind the man and is the wind beneath his wings. The Bettina Arndt woman is like that with sex; poor blokes need to helped and cosseted, because really they are just little lost boys with no self-esteem.

    Seriously, Tom Waits says it all in his song Raised Right Men.

  5. Re Miranda and Peta, I'd reckon I'm not the only one to enunciate that "sufficient stupidity is indistinguishable from evil".

    But what about when you've got stupidity AND evil, both in very generous servings ?

    And any'ow, what did I say the other day:

    !. Abbott (re Morrison) "he didn't warn ME."
    2. Morrison: "I called Abbott's OFFICE and I told THEM ..."

    And there was just no way both of those statements could be true, was there. No way at all.

    Except that, as usual, you saw it first on Loon Pond.


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