Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In which the Bolter and the reptiles of Oz give civil war a chance, and Malware sinks to the occasion ...

Scooped by the Bolter!

Take that, reptiles of Oz.

And meanwhile the Fairfaxians are laughing, dancing, clapping hands with glee ...  as you can read in Liberal leadership spill coup sparks News Corp 'civil war' (albeit with forced video).

Mr Bolt told Mr Price on air: "Probably, if you got an honest figure out, [Mr Mitchell is] spending $20 million a year more on his paper than it actually earns. For that kind of subsidy from the rest of the empire which he disparages, he might actually have a more popular product." 
"I think some of these things lately have been a bit unprincipled and unprofessional. But I have a lot of respect for The Australian and it should be the centre-right newspaper of the country. 
"But, to suddenly reinvent itself, reporting to be the hipster one of the Turnbull class is a bit of a laugh considering some of the campaigns it's waged lately." 
In response to one listener who called in to criticise Mr Mitchell after an ironic on-air invitation by the presenters to say whether listeners were really "dumb retirees", Mr Bolt said: "Anyone's entitled to get into the fray but I just think it's so stupid slinging mud at rival publications that actually finance your own. 
"It's funny isn't it Steve, we worried that Malcolm Turnbull by deposing Tony Abbott would set off a civil war within the Liberal Party but what he's done is set off a civil war within News Corp. Oh, what a joke."

Oh what a joke indeed, and long may the joke continue to cascade.

And then Jack the Insider decided to have a go:

Good advice, which Jack himself ignored by having another bite of the irresistible cherry:

And the Bolter thanked reader Jack for the update, because above all, the Bolter craves attention, and will wear a sandwich board in the Simpson desert if that's what it takes to get it:

Meanwhile, the Bolter in his usual trolling way, was having a go at everybody:

Because the mutton Dutton, chief inspector Plod, is crucial to the country's security.

And then the rough Brough came in for a hammering:

Which reminded the pond of the joyous news, Mal Brough still being investigated by the AFP over former Speaker Peter Slipper's diaries.

The rough Brough might have slouched to Canberra, but he carries a lot of baggage together with an enormous amount of stupidity, arrogance and hubris - and it's not just the pond saying it, it's the Bolter, now ready to assault a Liberal government. Oh and there were the memes too ...

How strange, to see the Bolter and the pond ravaging the same rough beasts slouching behind the Malware man ...

The pond never forgave the rough Brough his years mauling Aboriginal people, and as for Mitch Fifield, the y'artz folk have already been active, trawling through the thoughts of Mitch, and discovering one of his stimulating ancient pieces boxing on in The Punch, now to be found here

It opens this way:

30-September-2009 The Punch - - September 2009 

Australia’s creative industry has again shown its canny ability to frame a debate. 
The recent dispute over lifting restrictions on parallel book importation has been cast as a classic good versus evil battle. On the one side, we apparently have the noble educated patriots, boldly standing on the last line of defence for Australian culture, and on the other we have a mounting tide of sub-standard (foreign made) literature and a cabal of neo-liberal charlatans hell-bent on unleashing it on the young impressionable minds of Australian readers. 
Author Tim Winton says the Productivity Commission is “hostile to Australian rights.” Louise Adler, CEO of Melbourne University Press, launched a shrill attack on the Productivity Commission as “neo-liberals and economic fundamentalists.” 
Author Richard Flanagan bemoaned the “big end of town” (Coles and Woolworths) for trying to extend their “pernicious hold” over retail into the book selling business. Flanagan also claimed that adopting the Productivity Commission’s recommendations would send Australia back 40 years into a “colony of the mind as we were then, reading American books now instead of English.” 
Tara June Winch, also an author (sensing a pattern here?) feared that Big W would start to “feed [Australians] crap literature.” 
All of this sparked by an innocuous report from the Productivity Commission which recommends Australia loosen restrictions on the importation of books. No doubt the mild-mannered Commission economists would have been surprised by the barrage of abuse they were about to receive.

Now the pond didn't at the time much care about parallel book importation - as a dedicated pirate willing to indulge in the parallel importation of Hollywood products, that would have been hypocrisy - but there's Malware's new Messiah for the y'artz, standing proud alongside Coles and Woolies and mocking his constituents ... and somehow Malware expects people to forgive or forget his and others their years serving the Luddite in Chief ...

All of a sudden, with all these hares loose and running wild, the pond could suddenly see the perspicacity of David Rowe - and more Rowe here:

And the memes were also catching up on all the duplicity and hypocrisy doing the rounds:

And today Peta Credlin was out and about with a gigantic smouldering, yet quite yet mouldering, chip on her shoulder ...

What did the reptiles offer to all this?

A tragic reference to a John Lennon song, as performed by the Plastic Ono Band!

Why all that was missing was a love-in, in their PJs, in a very large bed:

Get cracking?

Get cracking on the war with the Bolter, reptiles, because what this country needs is entertainment, and a civil war between the reptiles is going to be vastly more entertaining than anything Screen Australia can put out in these troubled times for the degutted y'artz (yes they cut the budget for that organisation, as well as for many other y'artz initiatives).

What was it the Bolter said? suddenly reinvent itself, reporting to be the hipster one of the Turnbull class is a bit of a laugh considering some of the campaigns it's waged lately." 

Oh it's worse than that, Bolter, they're suddenly at one with John and Yoko.

But wait, do go on, dear 'persecuted by the Bolter' lizards of Oz:

It wasn't there, deep in their hearts, was it? Fixing gay marriage and climate science and the fucked up NBN would be a good start, but hey, what would Chairman Rupert and Foxtel say?

And then there's saving Private Poodle ...

And more Pope here, and yep, it's politics as usual ...

And so, taking the reptiles at their word, can the pond just note further developments in relation to Malware, thanks to a meme:

How bad is Fraudband?

There's more of that here.

Now some of this is personal. The pond's son frequently turns up to boast of his TPG service - it's cheap, it's fast and it's unlimited - knowing the pain the pond endures with HFC and Optus and the rotting copper lurking in the trench in the street ...

And some of it begins with that eternal goose and deviant, Stephen "have I got a gigantic filter for you" Conroy ...

But at the same time, big Mal had his chance to remedy the errors and instead went Victorian copper, down there with Abbott's ongoing celebration of coal.

And for what? To stay in good with the luddite Abbott - as Speer did with Adolf - and so he blew it ...

Which brings the pond to another meme ...

Oh yes, it's going to be a good run to Xmas, oh yes it is ... and bipartisanship is likely to have as much of a chance as peace ... or the Bolter going quietly in the reignited Murdochian civil war ...

Bring it all on ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I thought that you may want some light relief away from acting as a neutral observer to the Reptilian Civil War.

    This is a fascinating account of the work of Francis Grose and his creation 'The Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue" which he published in 1811.

    Interestingly his son, also called Francis, was for a time colonial administrator of New South Wales after Governor Arthur Phillip was invalided back to England.


    1. Yes - a great reference. I also recommend Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Incidentally the Grose valley and river in the Blue Mountains are named after Francis fils.

  2. Good to hear Abbott & Credlin singing from same sheet. I hope media follow Abetz & Andrews & other displaced persons, to hear their views.
    On another note, have you noticed the streets are safer, suddenly, since last week? No more looking over shoulders for stalking death-cultists.

    1. I don't feel safer, UC, now that there are no stalking death-cultists. But I'm still afraid, and wondering who's coming to get me.

    2. Border Force! Dutton dressed up as lamb.

    3. Thanks, Anon. That's what I fear.

  3. A nice one from 'jessie'
    Now we know why Peta and Tony were inseparable. They're both guided by a sense of infallibility, thinking the world needs their strength. Even when the world thinks they're wrong they push on because they know best and that's what strong people must do for the world. Peta calls it strength, most of us call it delusion without the slightest trace of self awareness. Judging by those few quotes from last night I'd say Peta isn't terribly bright either, another thing she has in common with Tony.
    Spot on, whoever that is. The "strong man" on vulgar display in the killer surf, his first pubic outing since the coup. The "strong woman" toughing it out on the stage. Never a backward step (Order No. 227).

    1. Well done UC, I reckon Jessie has pinned it nicely there.

      There's always been a great sense of innate pride in the lack of nuance, of any sophistication, or hint that an outcome has been considered, weighed up - say, knighting Prince Phillip, say, spending 3 weeks defending Bronnie's completely indefensible behaviour, say, boosting the PPL scheme for months while ranting about belt-tightening, say the "good government starts today" banner. All of them masterclasses in bloody-minded sticking to guns.

      "We're here, we're stupid and aggressive, and there's not a thing you can do about it."

      Oh look, we're not here any more. Bugger.

  4. Delusional per the Dunning-Kruger effect - "Dunning and Kruger have postulated that the effect is the result of internal illusion in the unskilled, and external misperception in the skilled: "The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.""

    "And if you're a cabinet minister or a journalist and you're intimidated by the chief-of-staff of the prime minister then maybe you don't deserve your job," Ms Credlin said.

    Change "prime minister" to premier and you likewise have the Krudd mark 1 work experience in destruction of a Labor government (Queensland).

    John Cleese on people and media like this: John Cleese on Stupidity


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