Monday, September 07, 2015

For the sake of the nation ... and a toast to the awesome power of kool aid ...

Sweet, and now an urgent message from the reptile in chief speaking to and for the sake of the nation from the inner Sydney bunker situated in hipster central Surry Hills:

Put it another way.

The latest move by the Abbott government puts at risk not just our environment but our very democracy. It is quite simply unbelievable. Alan Jones (here with forced video).

Waiter, could you rustle up a double shot of your very finest kool aid?

Wait a moment, what's that you say?

(And more here).

Phew, better make that a triple shot, and don't cut it with a vodka, just make the kool aid neat and stiff, so strong it'll hold up all the promises and the fabrications

Now back to the desk for some more optimistic pounding on the kool-aid saturated keyboard:

And so they still live in hope, and so does the pond. What would happen to the pond if one term Tony was to come true? Why the pond's click model would be ruined, and in these uncertain economic times - what with the economy deflating like a balloon - what would happen to it confronted by the fragile future we face... unless we all celebrate with the reptiles the prospect of a two term Tony...?

Two term Tony ... waiter, some more of that excellent super-fine kool aid, puh-lease ...

And now from twitter because it annoys them so ...

Happy anniversary Christopher Poodle ...


  1. Yairs, DP, that Kool-ade was a great booster, best kept away from kiddies with a tendency to cracking it.
    I may say, depending on tonight's line-up for QandA, that a shot or three of Botox will come in handy for the stressed nobs hovering over Canning.
    Ever had an ear-worm, DP? Mine fires up whenever Joe Hockey switches into that tone between a whine and a hector. It's an oldie by Jarvis Cocker.

  2. Great to see that, while there are concerns being expressed, the Kool-Aid is still having some effect at Reptile Central. Many of the standard assumptions are still being trotted out in that Australian editorial:

    "The government's problems are mostly the fault of the Senate". Yep, there's never been another government in living memory that's had to deal with a hostile Senate, has there? Maybe the current mob's near total lack of negotiating skills could have something to do with it ?

    "Bring in some of those talented, under-utilised backbenchers!" Okay, like.......?? Just who are these supremely proficient, eager young troops waiting in the wings? Name names! They seem to be keeping their light under a bushel. Oh, there's Bronnie, I suppose.....

    "That Andrew Hastie is an outstanding candidate for Canning!" Yep - young, brave, good looking in a boofy sort of way, straight out of central casting. Pity he has no local background whatsoever and seems to insert his foot every time he opens his mouth. He's _so_ good that he may well even manage to be elected despite a likely massive swing against his party.

    "Just sort out the PMO - send in Tony Nutt!" What's the reason for the ongoing Reptilian obsession with the Nutt, anyway? Sure he had a reputation as a reasonably competent operator, but that was in Howard's office, over a decade ago; is he really likely to sort out this ship of fools just by wandering onto the poop-deck? Hell, why not get Arthur Sinodinos involved as well - he can't be doing very much on the Senate backbenches. Hey, what's Tony Eggleton up to these days?

    "Just craft a narrative......" Faaark, are they still trotting out that line? The Press Gallery just love it, but just what is it supposed to _mean_? I've certainly never heard any member of the general public refer to it, even those interested in politics. If it means "Put forward a coherent strategy and set of policies", then just say that - but really, isn't two years into a term a little late for such things? If it means "Come up with a convincing cover story to hide the fact you haven't a clue", then I don't think the government has the necessary skills for that, either.

    If I ever see a News Ltd editorial questioning any of those subjects, then I'll know that the senior staff are all about to retire to the library with revolvers and bottles of Kool-Aid - laced whiskey.

  3. Sheesh DP, Capt' Kool-Aid said just this very day"We have a plan and the plan is working" Well they've certainly created more cartoons and electronic graffiti than any other member of the G20....on a per capita basis.That must give us some consolation.

  4. Ms Pond
    no need to worry about your "click model". Both major parties are equal opportunistic loons. No matter which party "wins" you will continue to find amazing material.

  5. But, 360, under the current click model as it's developed, the munificently loonerous lizardmeister, Ol' Rupe, plays such a frequently large, frequently, and - did I say frequent? - almost daily intertubal directing and salient part in the bizarre reptile circus carryings on sighted about the pond. There may well be a few immediate angry hoots following a sure thing lost, the precious in the pocket gone, and pathetic squawking as much easy money so nearly grasped is moved out of reach, but the east coast twitteratus could then well be silent for a time, lying doggo... sulking, skulking, and scheming, at least until the old whip hand again starts cracking out the east coast directives on the next crazed plan to rake in all, to rule them all... which, as it happens, would be much the same again as now, and that's no BS.

  6. Naomi Klein and Laurie Penny deflated a right wing koolade-addled twit, Tom Switzer, on the box last week. This week it was the turn of the Greens Leader on the Bolt Report

    1. Thanks are due via c, worth 11 minutes. Interesting to see the Dolt's reactions. Is Di Natale channelling the Democrats losing it, really?

  7. Sorry for exposing you to the Bolt Report anon, I have lived happily without it for a long time now, just casting an eye on the ratings now and then is enough.

    But golly me, did the fuming Dutchman's arms stop waving, and fingers stop pointing after a few minutes of being dismantled by Di Natale? Doesn't it make one dream of a leader in Parliament doing the same?

    Treasured stuff, I suspect the Bolter's glee at snaring a Green onto his programme, only to discover the Green did not perform to the script that Bolter sets in his mind, was short lived. Bless.


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