Sunday, July 05, 2015

In which the pond pauses for a Sunday reflection, and notes the great threat posed by feminists, homosexuals and intellectuals, with their lah-di-dah ideas ...

Being a day of review and reflection, it's worth remembering this Sunday Jon Stewart's smackdown of the Donald, one of many, even if it ends in despair - for those who don't spoof the Comedy Channel, it's still available online here.

And then there was the death of a Mormon poo bah who reminded the pond of the real enemy, when:

In 1993, he warned that the religion faced the greatest threat from three groups: feminists, homosexuals and intellectuals.

Because Mormons and their funny underwear have always had problems with women, gays, and ideas, and blacks too, but that's another weird story ...

Mormon leader Boyd K Packer dies aged 90 ran the Graudian headline, but all that said to the pond was that Packer had a good long run spreading hate, fear and division, along with a lot of silly ideas (yes, the pond has read that very weird Book of Mormon, which is up there with Xenu in terms of ultimate nonsense).

And then a correspondent - where would the pond be without its correspondents - notified the pond of yet another angry Sydney Anglican who showed off both the bile and the lack of humour that's notable in the breed:

Ould's probably too much of a fuckwitted fool to understand that not so deep beneath the surface of what he deems funny is just more of that Mormon hatred of women, gays and intellectuals.

What's funny is that a hate and fear monger should dress himself in the clothes of Christ:

The pantalooned loon ... if he'd wanted a funny dress joke, why did he go past the frocks?

And if you can be bothered reading Ould's more recent post, Australian Bishops Begin "Subtly Promoting" the Same-Sex Agenda - yes, there's still doofuses out there aligned with American fundamentalists chattering about the same-sex agenda - you'll discover the few comments are filled with lamentations about liberals and progressives, with much talk of shunning and banishment ... and so the virtuous circle is complete, as we're blessed with a PM who talks of a modern form of banishment as medievalism still stalks the land.

There's no point in being polite to these folk - they are incessant and rabid and always on the move and they fight their battles at the grass roots level, spreading poison - for example, who remembers the Angry Anglicans copping a ban from the NSW government on certain books peddling guilt trips about sex back in May - Anglican church angry over Department of Education banning of "one-partner" material - followed in June by the inevitable news that the NSW government (currently led by a clap happy facilitator), had folded.

One partner for life? Only in the Donald's dreams and yet the regularly married Donald counts himself as a Presbyterian ...

Then there was that reliable cult Hillsong making the news by seeking to redeem the irredeemable Mark 'penis house' Driscoll and practising harassment on anyone who dared to criticise it. (Outspoken Hillsong critic arrested for trespass).

Shades of scientological folly ...

Meanwhile, as the Xians busily go about the continuing persecution of liberals, gays, progressives, women, intellectuals and actual ideas, there are ongoing howls of pain at the way Oregon cake bakers get fined $13,500 for being fundamentalist bigots, and headlines complaining that Christian Americans, and Christians around the world, are under siege ...

Because they can't keep heaping abuse on the different and the unbelievers ...

Of course it's a toss-up between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Islamics as to who can manage to be the most offensive in any given week.

But in Australia and America, Islamics tend to be cowed, silenced.

Their activities in schools - separating boys and girls, banning music classes, encouraging conservative dress - tend to creep under the radar, unless they suddenly pop out as a result of protests - the latest outing being Adelaide Islamic College student forced to get haircut, protestors say.

Shades of the 1960s. Next they need to get out the ruler and measure the hemline of girls' dresses. Oh how the pond remembers and treasures the days of the ruler, and the unholy interest the nuns and priests took bending down to measure the hemline (mouthings of slobbering and slavering are permitted in any mental evocation of the scene).

The problem is that as a result of the old Christian guard wanting to keep their hold on taxpayer money, any hair brained religion can front the Australian government, and courtesy of the Australian taxpayer, score a subsidy to indulge in brain washing and hair cutting... and yet the result, in terms of gays, women, intellectuals, ideas and, it seems, hair, is very much Tweedledee and Tweedle ...dumb ...

But it's the United States which is the heartland for the truly weird and barking mad. This, courtesy of Crooks and Liars, here:

What to say, except this:

Catholic Vote is the newest up-and-coming comedy group to capture the public’s attention! Their new sketch, “Not Alone,” is absolutely hilarious and has already garnered over 500,000 views on YouTube. Oh, what? The video isn’t a joke? 
They had us fooled. “Not Alone” is the latest propaganda from religious organization Catholic Vote, and features young adults giving us such gems as “I am a little bit nervous about people hearing what I have to say” and “I’ve tried to change this before, but it’s too important to me” — all in reference to their anti-gay marriage beliefs. 
 The video is filmed in black and white, features chilling orchestral music, and is practically SCREAMING for an SNL parody (bonus: one of the women in the clip looks vaguely like Kristen Wiig). Check it out below, and try to remember: this is an actual thing that some genius somewhere thought would actually be taken seriously.

And as always there was the hate, as in Female AME Pastors In South Carolina Receive Threatening Letters.

Where does all this lead?

Oh sure, hate and fear mongering, but inevitably, being the pond, it also leads to the Murdochian press.

The Murdochians, you see, being largely made up of and run by angry old white men, with the fellow travelling help of the clueless like Sharri and the hate-filled, like Dame Slap, are close kissing cousins of the angry old white men who run the Christian churches, and the reptiles daily help out with a rearguard action of prejudice and bile ...

So today you get Akker Dakker in the Sunday Terror offering a fudging and a delaying tactic of a typical kind:

 The funniest thing? Well if you knock on the Terror's front door, this is what you cop:

That had the pond rolling jaffas down the aisles. Akker Dakker as premium content? Akker Dakker as a journalist the pond knows and trusts and worthy of the pond's few and precious shekels?

Tell 'em they're dreaming, but in any case, if you knock on the back door via google, you get the humbug bloviator in full hate-filled flight, preening and posing in his usual arm crossed way:

Ah the pesky blacks. Now what's the bet that the ABC will rear its ugly head again?

Oh dear, the pond completely forgot about the wicked Fairfaxians. 

But here's the pressing question. Will the bloviator shut up or will he keep on bloviating? Well you already know the answer to that question:

Lordy lordy Sunday Terror-ists, you want to know what the pond thinks?

It'll be a cold day in hell before the pond pays a shekel for the insights of a hate monger, and damned if we'll play the digital shell game and offer any thoughts up to a paper sheltering a rabid bloviator.

But in the circular way the pond loves, it brings us back to those enemies, the feminists, the gays, and the intellectuals and their wacky zany ideas, and thanks to Akker Dakker we can throw in the ABC and Fairfax on the faggot heap ready for a burning ...

And so the pond can add to its list of enemies, not just the Christians, the Islamics, the Scientologists, the Mormons, and any other Calathumpian it's too tedious to mention, but the Murdochians and their rabid bunch of offensive, angry, divisive and hate-filled commentariat. Ah the pond knew there'd be a place for this image, provided by another caring correspondent:

Now that's a Catholic scented perfume!

And now Mr Ould, coming back at ya a few cartoons:


  1. Strangely, DP, I find myself agreeing with the comments in Ould's article. It's nigh on impossible, these days, to walk into a church and know, just know, whether it's evangelical or progressive. But a schism is not needed! Why not simply have a sign out the front of every church saying 'traditional' or 'modern?' Then bigots can decide for themselves, without risking exposure to progressive germs.

    Mind you it's many years since I've walked into a church, so I may be misguided.

  2. Hair cutting, yes. But hair brained? I think not. Need to release more hares.

  3. It's funny the way conservatives exhort us to just accept the judges' decision as the correct one when they win the vote, but complain about 'activism' when the vote doesn't go their way.

  4. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth in six days and on the seventh day as God rested, man created God.

  5. I’m not sure you’re to be thanked for exhuming those smelly old Sydney Anglicans for a run around our Sunday breakfast table – especially not David Ould, an especially odious lump. But since you started it DP, I wonder whether you saw this story featuring the hapless Michael Jensen’s day in court? The likes of Vanda Gould go a way to explaining how such an execrable load like the Jensens can afford to keep peddling their grubby bigotry.

    1. Great link Brian. The pond has been giving the Jensenists a rest lately, but as the new shrine gets erected on the corner of Salisbury and King streets in north Newtown - the pond walked past it yesterday - that old phrase about the money grubbers inside the temple came to mind, along with talk of rich men and camels, what with that whole corner now taken over by Moore College. Maybe it's about time to return to the rank hypocrisy and bigotry that makes the whole corner smell like a festering attempt to imitate the tower of Babel.

    2. A fine link and confirms that money will often cause more trouble than it's worth. Evangelicals,dogs and fleas have always been such fine bedfellows.

  6. "Because Mormons and their funny underwear have always had problems with women, gays, and ideas, and blacks too..."

    Not always, DP, according to those experts-on-all-things-Mormon Parker and Stone (about 3:40 in) - "I believe that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people".


    1. Thanks Frank D, great link, and a chance for the pond to boast about watching the show on Broadway! The pond never tires of being tiresome, in the great Mormon tradition of Mitt.

  7. Morning, DP - I had to re-read one passage of Piers' vomit to make sure that I wasn't hallucinating. But sure enough, he refers to Australia as being a "substantial nation with a population of 8.4 million".

    I was pretty sure that our population is somewhat more than that, and indeed, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that Australia's population is now well over 23 million.

    Of course it may be that Piers' figure is based on the number of Aryans - sorry, Real Australians - in the country, once you discount all those annoying wogs, reffos, blacks and queue-jumping illegals.

    Out of curiosity I also checked the ABS site for when Australia's population would actually have been 8.4 million, and it appears to have been some time in 1950-51. Good to see that Pies is up to date. Of course, who could trust the ABS? They're probably just as guilty of fudging data as the Bureau of Meteorology!

    1. Now the pond's not sure that you're doing the right thing here Anon, suggesting Piers is as current as '50-51. We prefer to think of him as mid or late Victorian, where a sniff of cocaine could do wonders for the sinus, or Sherlock doing detective work, and where was the harm in that?

    2. A good point, DP - I was mistaking Piers for a progressive Liberal of the early Menzies era, British to the bootstraps and dreaming of an end to coal rationing.

      Though in mentioning Holmes, it does remind me that Piers is somewhat reminiscent of descriptions of Sherlock's older brother, Mycroft:
      "Heavily built and massive, there was a suggestion of uncouth physical inertia in the figure....."

      However, only "somewhat" as Mycroft is also described as:

      "..but above this unwieldy frame there was perched a head so masterful in its brow, so alert in its steel-grey, deep-set eyes, so firm in its lips, and so subtle in its play of expression, that after the first glance one forgot the gross body and remembered only the dominant mind."

      That's definitely not Piers - but oh, if only one _could_ forget him!

  8. Oh Barnaby, sad Barnaby!

    Now he's resorting to the argument that legalising SSM would lead Asian countries to see us as 'decadent' and thus harm our trade interests.

    And he's the one who hugs Llamas (correction, Alpacas)!

    1. Fair go, Barnaby is merely greasing the skids for his run-up to next QandA gig. Come to think of it, wouldn't QandA be much enhanced, and in keeping with the general tabloid tone, if guests were able to parade down to the desk after the fashion of an American talk show? I'm a little sorry for the svelte blondes on the panels who are unable to show off their shoes and glistening thighs. Mark my words, we'll be seeing (not you, DP) more of said Foxey blondes, in the name of "balance".

    2. Traduce all the Foxy blondes you like UC, but tread carefully when it comes to deeply intelligent rangas and brunettes. As for the llhama hugging Anon, the pond prefers to dwell on poddy calves and what country boys boasted of doing ...

  9. Piers Akerman was talking about Austrians and then it turned into Australians, hence the population error. Give him the benefit of the doubt, it might have been the spell checker. Could happen to any of us (if we just type our wonderful God-given thoughts without bothering to proof-read them).

    But as to why anyone would think that picture adds value to his immortal prose, I don't quite know ...

    1. The pond, VH, has taken to copying chunks because the typos in the post-modern world of the mainstream media are a continuing delight. Of course the downside might be that, when a child announces in an exam the new population of Australia, they fail the test comprehensively, and then become a burden on the welfare system for life, but frankly the laughter's work the risk. Anyone who quotes Akker Dakker on anything deserves an epic fail ...

  10. The funniest thing about the Sydney Angilcans going on about traditional marriage was that one the main reasons their church was established, was that old Henry the Eighth couldn't redefine traditional marriage by getting a quickie divorce, and stay in the Catholic Church.

    1. Oh GlenH, he believed so much in traditional monogamous marriage for life, he kept on giving it a go. Fair crack of the whip, if six marriages doesn't show a faith in the traditional institution of monogamous marriage for life, what on earth will convince you to give the angry Sydney Anglicans a fair slice of the prawn?

      At least you have to admit the Jensenists are good for a laugh ... such routine, consistent and ineffable stupidity rarely comes the way of the pond.

  11. Stupid David Ould is an Anglo-Austrian who shares some of his national genes with Uncle Adolf Hitler. Had he not found a home among Sydney Anglicans, Ould would have had to emigrate to join the anti-gay Westboro' Baptists in the USA. Or perhaps ISIS in Syria would have made the hapless minister feel more at home.


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