Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In which the pond marvels at the level of nonsense routinely churned out by the reptiles ...

The pond really does try to keep up, it really does, but the tidal wave of commentariat chit-chat - the gush of guff - always overwhelms the pond, no matter how we strike the very best King Canute pose.

Here's climate science at work in the reptile cut and paste division:

Now there's genuine wit at work, and never mind a mention of the odds involved.

And then there was the dog defamer, as featured at the head of this page. 

Soon enough his deep thoughts will be swept away into the musty digital archives, or used to wrap digital fush and chups ... and yet the opener was a ripper:

He often listens to Radio National?


Wouldn't it just be simpler to head off to the confessional and confess his sins?

Is it just an easy way to pick up some easy pot-shots to be used for a column to bash the ABC, one more time, gaily and carelessly tossed off, as tossers are wont to do?

Or does he listen because frankly, given the commercial wasteland of radio and television and Alan Jones and assorted shock jocks and the Murdochian tabloid wasteland that now dominates what's left of the tree killers, there's no way to get an intelligent conversation or listen to discussions of actual issues, with information not turned to an ideological mince in the reptile meat grinding machine?

You guessed it.

It was just so the dog defamer could once again don the garments of faux outrage:

Now the pond understands that Australia is in the middle of an Ashes campaign, and so fear and loathing of the triumphant Poms is all the go, but the game and the ultimate result mean not a whit or a jot to the pond.

What's interesting here is the surly resentment of a crow eater for a polished English accent.

By golly, things have changed a lot since the days of the Adelaide Club on North Terrace was in its posh prime...

But what's the crime of the Pommie bastard, apart from the polished Pommie accent and the patronising Pommie tone?

Well he dares to mention climate change, and note that coal isn't the flavour of the month, except in Tony Abbott's mind, and worse, he did it in some kind of stuck-up Pommie accent.

You can see, if this is the form of xenophobia that afflicts the dog defamer, why he got so agitated at a little harmless jape about pooches...

Best of all, his own rant, ranting about ranters, is an entirely free form rant, without a coherent thought or a skerrick of information, of the four legged "coal is good, Tony Abbott is wonderful" kind, which makes it an entirely irony-laden feast, what with the ranter getting agitated about someone else allegedly ranting ...

And then the real reason the criminal Pommie bastard ranter needed to be ranted at became clear ...

Ah, the man who uncovered the phone-hacking scandal.

For shame, for shame. How much better just to be a Murdochian hack  ...

And as for that Murdochian hack Dennis Atkins fellow travelling with the Pommie bastard, how disgraceful ...

But the dog defamer did provide a clue as to how to end this piece.

When such maniacal dross as a ranting Chris Kenny is presented, unchallenged, by such Murdochian bodies, and broadcast by the reptiles of the lizard Oz, at subscribers' expense, we do, indeed, need to wonder about our power elites, and the woeful, careless, thoughtless subscribers who support them, thinking a few dollars a week can do no harm. Little do they know ...

If thought-free stupidity like this continues to be promoted as intelligent opinion by the reptiles of Oz, people will begin to ask but where was the idea? What was the idea? Was it just to sell more kool aid? 

The pond can spot the trolling and the provoking and the flaming.

But where was a single idea, let alone a big one?

Or was the idea no more or less than to have a spray at a visiting Pom for mentioning coal and daring to uncover a Murdochian scandal ... as a cheap and easy way to take yet another easy and cheap shot at the ABC?

Such are the enduring mysteries of a life wasted amongst the reptiles, instead of listening to RN, and such is a stupid man, and no doubt he'd not listen to a tip from the pond.

If the radio offends thee, turn it off, and let someone more intelligent derive benefit from it, and perhaps even develop a polished, pleasant accent.

Never mind, the dog defamer is in luck, because it turns out that a few days ago, there was someone even sillier providing the usual snidery about the ABC  ... as Tim Bleagh came up with this ...

Oh sheesh, not a yoga joke hitched on to yet another Q and A joke...

Well it makes a change from basket-weaving and cardigan wearing, but talk about a threadbare mind at work. Why Bleagh can make the dog  defamer sound coherent, and trust the pond, that's a super-human feat.

Actually, since the pond always enjoys playing the Bleagh game, the easiest job is writing a really dumb, crap bit of filler featuring the usual predictable targets for the Daily Terror and putting it under the NEWS section.

If little Timmie is news, that's news to the pond.

And there's your answer as to why even Murdochians listen to RN (and never mind the pond's boycott because of the loss of Bush Telegraph).

It's because it's impossible to underestimate the level of fuckwittery at play in radio shock jock and Murdochian tabloid la la land ...


  1. If you want an insight into the wit and intelligence of the dog abuser, have a very brief look at his twitter feed. But keep the Dettol handy.

  2. A bit hard on brain fucked prole li'l Timmie's hard labouring there Dot. Recall that dill Abbott, the infallible boss of Bullturd, Barnyard, and Co, and boss of all save the ever lasting Mudrupe, has decreed Q&A must be in the News section or they won't come out to play. That boss of bosses Mudrupe's boy sad Timmie's gotta do what Timmie's gotta do for a crust goes without saying. After all, solidarity forever is News.

  3. I see that English fop, Nick Cater with his deliberate casually corduroy dressed, hair plastered a bit astray look of a supposedly English intellectual abroad lecturing us about al the evils of the left on any A.B.C. show he can get on does not trouble this Kenny clown.

  4. "Leafing through the pages of Time or Newsweek one quickly realizes that the members of the so-called power elite constantly squabble among themselves. Such disagreements, which have become part of the background noise of national politics, occur so frequently as to be taken as proof that not one but a multiplicity of elites exist. According to Mills and others, however, these differences are vastly overshadowed by agreement on a world view. This world view is a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that shapes the elite's perceptions of government and prevents deep divisions from arising. Members of the elite agree on the basic outlines of the free enterprise system including profits, private property, the unequal and concentrated distribution of wealth, and the sanctity of private economic power. They take giantism in the world of commerce for granted. More important, they are united in their belief that the primary responsibility of government is to maintain a favorable climate for business. Other governmental responsibilities, such as social welfare and concern for the environment, are secondary to that task. What produces the acceptance of this world view? Participants in the elite tend to read the same newspapers, join the same clubs, live in the same neighborhoods, send their children to the same schools (usually private and the ones they themselves attended), and belong to the same churches and charities. They work and play together, employ one another, and intermarry. They share, in a word, a life-style that brings them together in mutually reinforcing contact."


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