Monday, May 11, 2015

Global warming! Climate Science! Bjorn Lomborg! Consensus! Reptiles in a fury! Soft censorship! A wind machine in action!

First a little mood setting:

Now to the bitterness of reptiles disappointed in love, and their sense of loss, albeit temporary, of stories pouring out of a WA "consensus centre" exposing the lack of consensus.

Truly a reptile editorial that sings a Nero-Ustinov like hymn of despair and tragedy is a fine thing to read:

Yes, the huckster is so well known and renowned, he's turned up carpet bagger style down under, ready to fleece the poodle of a few cool million. And where's the harm in that? Every town needs a monorail, and Sydney's never been the same since it lost its post-modern wonder.

And as for stripping millions off the CSIRO and other scientific research, and shovelling it down the throat of a hustler tripping down under. Why to be challenged by that idea must mean you haven't had your shot of kool aid this morning. Then you'd be laughing and sighing in Murdochian bliss.

But wait, as we dream the impossible dream, we surely need an aeolian harp.

Waiter, wheel in an aeolian harp ...

 Yes, there's a veritable wind machine, ready to blow soft, ready to blow hard. Go on, wind player,  blow hard:

Ah, the fresh ideas, fresh food people. 

Yes, it's entirely appropriate to wonder about a federal government pissing, selectively and with determined purpose, against the wall, some four million on a man struggling to get funding elsewhere in the world, having felt the need to distance himself from his genuine allies and supporters, the fossil fuel lobby.

But as it seems no one actually noticed this, at least according to the harp, the wind machine can blow hard in every other direction. And so the poodle is safe from the relentless blowing of the wind machine.

In its current enfeebled Melba condition, all the pond can do is present and let the reader decide.

But lest the loud gnashing of teeth and the wailing from climate denial central and the tears of the fresh food people - remember, always print the controversy, always disrupt the consensus, which is why you need to drape yourself with the humbug word "consensus" - lest all this mayhem and blowing hard suggest that the reptiles and their pet are in trouble, please, spare a glass of champagne for the impending celebrations:

What astonishes the pond in all this?

Well there's not a single mention that the United Nations inspired the University of WA, its academics and students, to do this dastardly deed.

Yes, indeed, there's not a single acknowledgment of Maurice Newman's extraordinary vision and insight.

But as surely as night follows day, forests turn green, there's ice everywhere, then surely it was the UN wot done it, as part of their devious march towards world government!

When will the aeolian harp and the reptiles catch up to the profound insights of their most notable columnist?

And now, if you'll excuse the pond, we have a disharmony centre to set up ... we hear the poodle is a soft touch for four mill, and what better use for it than to establish disharmony throughout the land ...

Oh wait, you say that's what Rupert funds the reptiles to do?

And so to a few cartoons.


  1. Tim Wilson is so much like Alice's Caterpillar. "Freedom" means just what he chooses it to mean. Neither more, nor less

    1. I think that was Humpty Dumpty in "Through the Looking Glass" Tim.

  2. He knows! He knows! Freedom Boy knows why people arked up at the $4,000,000 spend on an entirely uncredible "academic".

    'But for the most part that wasn't the reason that academics and students condemned the centre."

    Really Timbo? How do you know that? Or are you an the fellow reptiles snapped shut in a switch and bait that went entirely against expectation? Are you just speculating to construct a straw man?

    I love how we should assess public monies spent as suggested by Freedom Boy? How about some assessment on any money spent on an old fellow who believes that global warming is a UN conspiracy? Surely not a red cent of our taxes is going on that festival of comedy? Oh what's that you say? The fellow "consults" to the PM. Really? No, you're pulling my leg, that would never happen.

    We're all about mature government here.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    Neither the anonymous editorialist or Tim Wilson cared to mention the major problem with Lomborg being offered millions for a sinecure at a university.

    Lomborg is NOT a qualified economist, he has a degree and a Phd in that oxymoron Political Science and he does NOT publish his "contrarian" views on Climate Change and other hot button topics in peer reviewed journals where he would have to defend his "facts" and "conclusions".

    The result is that his "findings" have no academic rigour and no university should be used to give him a veneer of credibility.


  4. That's more like it, DP. A gentle flogging with the skin off a custard pudding. Yes, Oz is in good hands.

    Mark Beeson, too, reckons The Oz is our only “serious” national newspaper. What about the AFR? Too bad. Not even Mark Lawson has risen from his dingy crypt to assail Beeson. Sad.

    Serious people will be taken with the seriousness they do deserve. In fact, I just love Timmy's little joke at the end of his piece. I mean, his article. Ahem.

    Look, do not be concerned that there appears to have been little take-up of Newman's World Government fact. I have it on good authority that not a day goes by that the editorial room does not consider it. Hands are always at the ready to rig up another sliming of The Greens.

  5. Had to laugh when some wag suggested The Whitehouse Fashion School would be an ideal spot for Mr Fixit to park his Bjon Lomberg Centre.
    With, as is the way of these things, one of Tone's daughters payed a shirt load of money to be Vice Principal.
    Sorted and $4Mil well spent.

  6. "Dr Lomborg is internationally renowned for research and publications challenging the zeitgeist on how to tackle global issues such as climate change."

    Unfortunately, his research is flawed, and the only publications he as are not peer-reviewed.

    So much for challenging the zeitgeist.

  7. I need your help, DP. I guess you are resting in a darkened room listening to the audiobook of 'Fear & Loathing', but please give a few seconds to my plea. There's a 100% certainty that the word 'absolutely' will froth from the lips of Hockey, Morrison, Shorten & commentators over the next couple of days. How can I avoid it? I mean, it's a sure indicator the speaker is bullshitting, or running to the approved script. It's got to the point where I do not want to watch QandA, for fear of hearing it deployed ad nauseum. Any tips?

  8. I'm just curious how far the lunacy will go before it becomes stark, raving, off the planet total imbecility!?....or is it like the limits of the universe..: no end in sight?

  9. Tim Wilson anti McIntyre: “Decrying McIntyre’s dismissal as a free speech violation and censorship is absurd. McIntyre was free to tweet his bile before he worked for SBS, while he worked for SBS and now that he no longer works for SBS.

    Tim Wilson pro Lomborg: “The human right of free speech is about ensuring laws don’t restrict what people can say. One of the most important arguments in favour of free speech is that it keeps debate open so bad ideas can be challenged and exposed, to continue the march of human progress.”

    I wonder if Wilson can taste the bullshit as it spills out of his mouth.

    1. Not that Freedom Boy is partisan, or anything ...

  10. Ooo! Bob Ellis has closed his blog and walked off with bat and ball as too many comments were critical of Labour and supported the Greens.

    Talk about hubris!

  11. Carrying on from DP's reflections about the worst space opera ever made, I was going to suggest Space Battleship Yamato, but having watched it for the second time last night I'm inclined to suggest it is a magnificent example of Japanese anime-based space ham. With a double side order of over-the top acting, great spoof technology and some rather good special effects. You can see it on SBS on-demand. I love it.

    1. The initial schematics don't make any sense, though.

  12. Hi Dorothy,

    This is a fascinating article from Seymour Hersh overturning much of the "narrative" that was fed to the Press following the demise of OBL.

    All the best


    1. And here's another overturning the overturning.

      Unfortunately, the world is overflowing with bullshit, so who knows what to believe?


    1. Whoa!! That Pastor Anderson is a bit of a worry.
      Otherwise a fine Sunday reflection on the ways of people in the sky. Sadly,I went to the school that believed in a good flogging for Jesus, before I lost my religion.
      @DiddyWrote. The Seymour Hersh piece is essential reading. A great link. Amazing how teh commentariat have all come out over the last few days to try and paint an investigative journalist with more awards than you can poke a stick at as some kind of conspiracy theorist nut. Talk about undertoads.
      Hello DP. Warm smiles to you.

  14. Do want Border Force to scan your metadata, specially if are a journalist reporting on Asylum seekers?

    Too late - it's a done deal.

    Metadata scope creep sees Border Force ask for access

  15. "Just look at this place [Australia's media].
    It's a mess, isn't it ?
    Just take a second.
    It'll be all shipshape again."
    Pond please come back we miss you.

    1. Get well soon Dot. You are missed and sorely needed. X miss pp

  16. I hope you are getting better Dorothy.
    Miss pp

  17. Well, it's been a big month, already, at home and abroad, for the Church of Fossil Fuels and the Great God Mar'ket, what with volunteering to help eradicate a sixth of species globally, an acknowledgement of some considerable success in dissolving shellfish at a faster rate than ever, a continued undermining of the Antarctic and Arctic icemasses, a topping of the 400ppm-mark consistently, a staying on course for the project-managed 4-degrees rise or more, a routinised reaping of multi-trillion dollar subsidies, and keeping Bjorn on budget to manufacture consent for more and more and more clean coal and gas and petro transfers to assist poorer nations meet the development challenges of tomorrow.

  18. Sunday School! Every school day! We are a Christian nation under threat!

  19. Dot,
    I hope you're monitoring this and being amused.

    Not so amusing is your evident decline in health.

    Please accept my sincere best wishes and fervent hope that you are recovering but simply girding your loins for a recovery.

    May the Gods smile benignly upon you.


  20. "Night of the Living Dead" was on ABC early this morning. Why do they put the best films on at such ungodly hours? Nevertheless Romero's classic is still a classic chiller.


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