Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Always look on the bright side ... thanks to Graham Lloyd and the reptiles of Oz ...

The pond is always pleased to indulge in a calm, rational debate, and so it was pleasing to learn of devious anti-coal crusader scientists, misrepresenting history, conflating issues, mounting land grabs, and surrendering government power to a non-elected body, the United Nations, with its black helicopters already circling, ready to use climate change to enforce world government.

Oh wait, the pond got that wrong, it's some other body, and the scientists are suffering under the delusion that coal-mining might have some impact on the reef, and such is the strength of their delusions that they're talking of permanent damage.

Why it's about time the pond put up a nice picture of the pretty reef:


Where's the damage? What are those scientists on?

Oh wait, the pond needn't have bothered, there's a lovely photo here:

Uh huh. Why the fiends,

What's the bet that next minute they'll be yabbering on about renewable energy and urging Australia to rejoin the global community in tackling dangerous climate change?

Well the pond's been properly trained.  Thanks to the Bolter, Moorice, Cardinal Pell, the reptiles of Oz, and Graham Lloyd himself, we can spot blackmailers, peddling false beliefs and double intellectual standards, and worst of all, without a shadow of doubt, local elites intent on introducing international panic on a global, perhaps cosmic universal scale, as a tool in political games.

Of course you might wonder how relevant it is to drag in Polish scientists blathering on about panic and international conspiracies in the consideration of a local paper to do with the local issue of the Great Barrier Reef, but that would mark you out as a member of a dangerous local elite. The ABC, to its eternal shame, didn't mention a single Polish scientist in its coverage here.

Why the next thing you know you'd be heading off to JCU to read the press release, We can fix the reef, and you might be shocked and consternated to discover the lack of hysteria and panic.

Well at least on the part of the scientists. The foolish optimists think they can fix things. It turns out that it's the Australian government that's spreading all the doom and gloom:

An Australian Government report into the state of the Great Barrier Reef found that its condition in 2014 was “poor and expected to further deteriorate in the future”. In the past 40 years, the Reef has lost more than half of its coral cover and there is growing concern about the future impacts of ocean acidification and climate change.

Bloody panic merchants.

Here, have a nice picture of the pretty reef:

What a lovely turtle.

Always look on the bright side, says the pond, and away with these pernicious, alarmist, crusading fear-mongering scientists ...


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