Monday, February 16, 2015

Remember, it's all in the CAPS ...

There you go, there's little Timmy Bleagh, gadfly of the Terror, and a notorious petrol head bear with very little brain having a rant in today's Terror ...

After bashing everyone up hill and down dale, from Mark Riley to greenies like Adam Bandit, little Timmy is shocked and appalled that everyone seemed to think that the use of the word "holocaust" is an issue ... because as everyone in loon land knows,  a capital H makes all the difference when it comes to talking about a Holocaust.

Which is strange because little Timmy himself seems to think it was very worthy of Abbott to recognise there might be an issue:

Abbott quickly realised his use of the term might be perceived as insensitive. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m sorry and I withdraw.” Abbott again apologised at the end of Question Time: “I should not have used it, I did withdraw it and I apologise for it.” 

Ah  but the wicked hypocrites would have none of it, and what do you know, after dissing the greenies, it turns out some of these fiends work for Chairman Rupert. First Bleagh smotes those greenies mightily:

Abbott enemies are as unforgiving as they are unaware. “PM said there was a ‘holocaust’ of jobs under former govt,” tweeted Greens MP Adam Bandt. “I’m lost for words, to be honest. I feel ashamed to witness this.” 

And then there's the Fairfaxians who feel the taste of his exahust pipe roar:

The Sydney Morning Herald ran this remarkably dishonest headline: “Abbott compares job losses to Holocaust.” Note the capital H indicating reference to the slaughter of millions of Jews by Nazis in World War II. 

Yes, you losers, it's in the CAPS!

But what's this? Oh it's those wretched drop kicks at News Corp giving the bear and his man a terribly hard time: declared Abbott had committed a “huge ‘holocaust’ gaffe”. The Adelaide Advertiser’s Tory Shepherd claimed that “Prime Minister Tony Abbott invoked the Holocaust in Question Time today. You know, that thing where the Nazis killed millions of Jewish people … Using the word in that context was offensive, and startlingly stupid.” But Abbott did not use the word in that context. He referred to “a holocaust of jobs”. 
Sailing right past the obvious, The Australian’s Peter van Onselen tweeted: “Somebody should shirt-front the PM for that holocaust line.” The same paper’s Jack the Insider wrote: “Tony Abbott described ADF job cuts under Labor as a ‘jobs holocaust’. Unhinged stuff and lacking in decency and restraint.”

On and on little Timmy ranted, smoting the likes of Phil Correy, holocaust users like Paul Keating, John Howard, Bob Brown and such like riff raff - research courtesy of Alan Jones, who, giving up on his chaff bag, was apparently keen that everyone speak of holocausts ...

Yet little Timmy was particularly agitated and outraged about the way some wicked lefties and greenies. Which is also passing strange, when you think about it, since if everyone's using the word 'holocaust' in lower case 'h', then by little Timmy's argument, it seems it shouldn't generate much of a a fuss at all.

Yet suddenly he's outraged, and irritated and horrified! Because now he's discovered that the 'H' is playing a big role. Yes, those who think climate change might produce a natural holocaust are being very wicked:

There is yet another layer of reeking hypocrisy behind the Left’s sudden indignation over the word holocaust. Leftist climate activists routinely describe as “deniers” those who are sceptical over global warming alarmism. 
Six years ago, academic and global warming alarmist Robert Manne made absolutely clear the Left’s intended rhetorical connection of Holocaust denialism to so-called climate denialism. 
“Scepticism is in general, as it should be, a positive word, denoting scientific or humanistic curiosity and in particular the presence of an open mind,” Manne said. “Denialism, a concept that was first widely used, as far as I know, for those who claimed that the Holocaust was a fraud, is the concept I believe we should use.” 
And they do, repeatedly, all the while posing as deeply offended every time a certain Liberal politician says or does anything. These people go far beyond denial. They are Abbott delusionists.

Indeed, indeed. 

Nothing wrong with calling people alarmists, and as for wiping out life on earth, why that's hardly a Holocaust. When God was in Her prime, She thought nothing of wiping out everyone except the creatures that made it to the ark, so you can't really call that a holocaust.

Well you can see where this was heading, where this was building to:

Yes, there's little Timmy's readership in one witty remark.

Seems pretty fair, if that's the reader company he keeps, to consider him some sort of denialist ... well, it'd be pretty rough if he had to call his own faithful readership delusional ... or even "holocaust deniers" ...

Maybe we should just stand by for the latest news on the Twin Towers conspiracy and the UN's black helicopter climate science push for world government ...  no doubt his readership will know all about it ...

Just time for a few Tom Tomorrow cartoons to soothe fearful Timmy ...

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  1. Go Timmee Blare, you cunningly lingual wordsmith you.
    To call someone who denies the validity of a broadly accepted scientific theory a "denier" is the lowest form of inflammatory defamation.
    To call a downturn in jobs in the business of systemised slaughter of humans a "holocaust' (literally: 'a sacrifice by fire', with connotations of attempted Judeo-genocide by a Fascist totaltarian regime) is just a quirky turn of phrase.
    Tim Blair; dummkopf backpfeifengesicht.


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