Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A short note to those who spend money on contemptible newspapers ...

No, the pond doesn't have anything to say on the matter, except to mourn the loss of life, sympathise with the suffering of the hostages, and acknowledge the work of the police and emergency personnel in extremely difficult and trying circumstances.

It's a time for restraint, and what a pity it is that some in the media took the opportunity to emulate the movie Nightcrawler (and what a good little movie it is, flawed but compelling), or perhaps attempt to relive an episode of Frontline, as you can if you too, if you want a distraction, by heading off to YouTube here (there is an advertisement to endure).

Yes, the contemptible Daily Telegraph behaved in an execrable and contemptible manner.

Actually, to rush out a special edition, with a misleading headline, while people were still suffering, was beneath contempt:

Put it another way, since the should be room for grim humour in even the most trying circumstances:

As usual, the pond turned to the ranter who is doing his level best to make ranting bloggers redundant:

Of course, not everyone on Twitter was either spouting racist venom or accusing the government of staging the event to draw focus from the announcement of the mid year financial outlook (to which we shall shortly come). 
Not the Daily Telegraph, for example: they used their afternoon edition's front page instead, declaring DEATH CULT CBD ATTACK as an exciting demonstration of their admirable ability to leap to conclusions without being slowed down by confusing, annoying things like "evidence". 
Uber used it as a chance to up their price for a ride out of the city to an eyewatering $100, before complaints forced them to offer free rides instead in a desperate attempt at damage control. 
Thr1ve, meanwhile, took to Instagram to assure everyone that "our thoughts and prayers are with those caught in the drama of Sydney today" before adding that their MLC store had been shut as per police requests but "can still serve you up a delicious lunch at our @westfieldsyd store! #staysafesydney #nutritiontoTHR1VE" 
It went down predictably badly and was swiftly removed, but not before media site Mumbrella noticed. And it would be just barely possible to pass it off as public service announcement were it not for the hashtags. 
Seriously guys: it looks pretty tacky to effectively declare #whatatragedy #nowbuystuff. (here at Fairfax for links and more).

Yep, what a tragedy, now let's sell some newspapers ...

The Telegraph's appalling behaviour even made it into the Irish Independent, here.

No doubt the rag will now go about the business of defending the inexcusable, hoping that memories will fade, but may the pond humbly suggest that if you buy any Murdoch publication, you are supporting such appalling behaviour, and perhaps you should stop.

Spend the money on something less poisonous - why even aids to masturbation might be more factually correct and useful ...

Will the toothless Press Council - itself a victim of relentless Murdoch bullying - do anything about it?

The Australian Press Council has confirmed to Mumbrella the edition has attracted “at least one complaint” by 4pm, but did not specify how many, or the nature of them. (here).

Probably not, except perhaps for a light spanking with a wet lettuce leaf ...


As kindly readers noted, the pond, as a record of the contemptible, should note the contemptible going about the business of defending the indefensible:

There's more here, with most appalled at the sight of a man dancing on graves. As they should be ...

Well, appalling update about an appalling man publishing an appalling newspaper done, the pond will keep it short today, and tomorrow, go on about its normal business, inspired by David Pope's cartoon, and more Pope here.


  1. And Murdoch praises the Terror


    what a sicko!

  2. I don't recommend using the Telegraph as toilet paper.
    I tends to leave behind more than it removes.

  3. Thanks Dorothy.

    Meanwhile, I despair.


  4. Wonderful moment in the decline of the Chief Lizard.

    Innocent people die, and he congratulates himself on an edition of his execrable rag that stirs shit, and gets it all totally wrong. Intemperate, indefensible behaviour.

    I have the feeling his minders might take that Twitter toy away from him now.

  5. Spare a thought (and a prayer, if you don't mind), DP, for all those lobbyists, corporates and ministerial offices whose press releases won't be recycled as "news" today. Meanwhile, I'm looking for the breathless account of how "Australia stood still" that does not deploy "chilling", "hail of bullets", "hands pressed to the glass" or "self-styled sheik".

  6. Then there’s this vomitous tosh from a patronising American journalist


  7. Yes, talk about a hysterical over-reaction the Chief Lizard 's national "news"paper had five pages on this topic. Most of the front page plus all of the next 4 pages.


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