Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A rout? What happened to a quiet holiday devoid of distractions?

Compassionate strategy?

What, shovel money down the throat of a Western Australian government that couldn't predict the obvious, and spent like a drunken sailor on mineral steroids, and now wants other states to pick up the tab for its foolish over-indulgence?

What, like this?

It seems the news of the rout has brought out the very best cartooning skills in Malcolm Turnbull, who likes to work on a computer with one of those fangled pens:

Oh it seems amusing, and after a hard day's work wrecking the NBN, one must have one's fun:

So now, thanks to David Pope going on leave, and more Pope here before big Mal took over, we now know Malcolm Turnbull's favourite cartoonist:

Yes, it's Calvin and Hobbes:

Well, it helps explain the fate of the intertubes:

Oh that big Mal. How he identifies with Calvin's dad ...

Will there be no end to these endless distractions? The pond keeps trying to have a peaceful time before the new year ...

But there's Akker Dakker gone wild like a feral abacus ... and news of routs ... and now big Mal turns into a gifted cartoonist.

Where will the madness end?

Rupert adrift, gone Buddhist?

Thank the long absent lord, a harmless billionaire won't wreck a Buddhist country with idle tourism.

Not when there's Australia to wreck ...

Roll on 2015.

Meanwhile, here's a cartoon. Oh sure it's about a peace party, the Copperheads, in the great civil war, but somehow it seems as relevant to Peta and Tony as big Mal's rip off of Calvin and Hobbes:

Please, no more distractions ...


  1. In today’s Oz, Gary Johns, proposes “a person’s sole source of income is the taxpayer, the person, as a condition of benefit, must have contraception. No contraception, no benefit.”

    I am disappointed he has not included compulsory euthanasia for people reaching 70 to trim down pension benefits and Medicare costs.

    1. Perhaps it was Johns for whom the limerick of the Man from Cape Horn was dedicated,
      There once was a man from Cape Horn
      Who wished he had never been born
      And he wouldn't have been
      If his father had seen
      That the end of the rubber was torn.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Even the punters think something is amiss;



    1. Sheesh, DW, 99% of the loot on a leadership challenge? marked down from $4 to $2.20, and only $1.65 for the next election? Labor's going to be the favourite soon?
      Why it's taken all the fun out of the betting. (We won't ask how you come to read such things about the betting market).

  3. I suppose it's got to the stage where the voting public much prefers contemplating the pleasing although sentimental historical spectacle of a nude Jim Cairns frolicking about the Lodge lawns in giggling high spirits with a equally nude Juni Morosi at no cost to the public, that dwelling on the decadent spectacle of a fully-clothed (though wine-stained)George Brandis and his guests sloshing down $100. bottles of vino-rosso c/o the long-harried peasantry!

  4. So very pleased to read that Uncle Rupert came out of his shell to make the most of a golden opportunity to talk about many things.


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