Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's war, war, war as the gathering darkness looms and the light dims and freedom has to be destroyed to save freedom, and did we mention you need war to maintain peace?

(Above: the front page of the Currish Snail on 20th February 1942. Note the helpful arrow on the map for southerners who didn't have a clue).

So the terror machine has kicked into high gear.

The Daily Terror - terror by name, terrorist by nature - is in a high state of alarm, jumping at shadows, saying boo to sundry gooses, shouting panic and alarum, and it seems we're now at war with every Islamic in the house.

Of course the myth of the bronzed ANZAC is taking a bit of a pounding, as citizens look around nervously and blubbering fearful journalists pound their keyboards in abject panic, but then the bombing of Darwin gave the lie to a brave and stoic citizenry ...

Yes half the poor buggers fled town, but then they had good reason, because in those days the authorities were intent on maintaining calm.

These days panic and fear is perceived to be good for business, for selling tree killers, by the Murdochians and Fairfaxians, while Abbott gets to strut and preen and pose as a war hero and count the surge in the polls ... with to date, nary a blow struck.

No doubt if a terrorist victim is finally produced there'll be a State funeral and much righteous sobbing and crocodile tears ...

Right at the moment?

Lucas frights? A pun in the face of dire emergency, a bit like the Riddler or the Joker? Even the reptiles can't keep a straight face?

How stupid can it get?

Never underestimate the capacity of Australians schooled by Murdochians to be stupid ...

Three football fans said they were "furious and humiliated" after being detained at a rugby league match for using their mobile telephones in a manner an onlooker deemed suspicious. 
Dozens of people who claim they were unfairly swept up by authorities in the past few weeks are pursuing legal action, as the terrorism climate heats up in Australia. 
Three men of Middle Eastern appearance were pointed out by a spectator at the Roosters-Cowboys game on Friday night because they were using their mobile phones in a way that did not match what was happening on the field, Fairfax Media understands. Criminal lawyer Adam Houda, representing the three men, is considering legal action if police do not issue an apology, Criminal lawyer Adam Houda, representing the three men, is considering legal action if police do not issue an apology, Photo: James Brickwood 
They were removed by police in the 60th minute and questioned for about half an hour. The three men were so incensed they contacted lawyer Adam Houda, who will demand an apology or take civil action on the men's behalf. "It was a humiliating experience," Mr Houda said. "They are angry; they're furious." 
A police spokesman disputed the men's accounts, saying they were not arrested or detained. "No issues arose from discussions with police and they were allowed to return to their seats," he said. (at the Fairfaxians here)

Hang on, hang on. The pond knows bugger all about boofhead thugby league and cares even less, except that bum sniffing isn't as popular as it is in rugger, but it was at the sixty minute mark, and the cops questioned them for a half hour and then allowed them to return to their seats, to watch the rest of the game, which finished at the eighty minute mark?

So they got to watch the cleaners go to work?

So who or what has set all this hysteria, panic, and fear in motion? Is there a clue in the coverage?

Yep, you'll notice the ponce pretending to be Churchill just below that story.

Or are we dealing with Abbott the Christian crusader, referencing Ephesians 4:1?

Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart...

Well Rowe caught the likeness exactly today, and it wasn't to Churchill:

(and more Rowe here).

By golly, that demented, demonic look. It's a dead ringer for General

Yep you can get it on a T shirt.

So what's the point of it all?

Well the reptiles show the result of all their diligent fear-mongering:

Yep, keep them jumping at mobile phones and you can laugh all the way to the polls ...

Whenever the pond is confronted by this sort of mass hysteria, the only way forward is to revert to George Orwell ...

... do you not remember, too, that it was just at that moment, when panic was spreading and all seemed lost, that Comrade Abbott sprang forward with a cry of ‘Death to Humanity!’ and sank his teeth in Jones’s leg? Surely you remember THAT, comrades?” exclaimed Squealer, frisking from side to side. 
Now when Squealer described the scene so graphically, it seemed to the animals that they did remember it. At any rate, they remembered that at the critical moment of the battle Snowball had turned to flee. But Boxer was still a little uneasy. 
“I do not believe that Snowball was a traitor at the beginning,” he said finally. “What he has done since is different. But I believe that at the Battle of the Cowshed he was a good comrade.” 
“Our Leader, Comrade Abbott,” announced Squealer, speaking very slowly and firmly, “has stated categorically — categorically, comrade — that Snowball was Jones’s agent from the very beginning — yes, and from long before the Rebellion was ever thought of.” 
“Ah, that is different!” said Boxer. “If Comrade Abbott says it, it must be right.” 
“That is the true spirit, comrade!” cried Squealer, but it was noticed he cast a very ugly look at Boxer with his little twinkling eyes. He turned to go, then paused and added impressively: “I warn every animal on this farm to keep his eyes very wide open. For we have reason to think that some of Snowball’s secret agents are lurking among us at this moment!” (the full text here, with the usurper and pretender Abbott replaced by Napoleon)

Yes, there are secret agents lurking amongst us at this very moment, sowers of fear, generators of loathing. Oh they're not that secret, they hawk newspapers and polish knobs ...

Even the Fairfaxians are at it ...

Oh dear, such anguish.

Why the terrorists almost kicked the AFL off the front page. Almost ... I mean there's terror and then there's too much giving in to terror ...

How did the HUNsters deal with the dilemma?

Terror? What Terror?

The revisionist Reviser had an each way bet:

So it was left to the infidel northerners to clear the front page of heretical southern religions and to focus on other heretical religions:

What a dismal collection of rags. Truth to tell, if you buy any of them, you're rewarding the spreading of terror ...

It so distracted the pond - that's what living in fear, and giving up freedom to save your freedom will do for you - that we almost forgot that today is Caterist day ...

Perhaps that's because the droll Caterists are sounding even more fuckwitted than usual, unimaginable and theoretically impossible as that might be ...

You can get around the paywall to read Our six-year climate obsession left us at a standstill if you like, but the chances are you'll be embittered at the waste of time involved. Even free involves a cost ...

The Caterists spend their time trawling through the thoughts of Randal G. Stewart - bears of little brain are often inclined to do this, repeat and regurgitate the thoughts of others, quoting at length, and then marvelling at the mightiness of their deeds.

Meanwhile, the Caterists don't bother to reconcile praise of New Zealand for achieving growth at no cost to the planet, with the implicit Caterist belief - explicit elswehere - that there's no need to worry about the planet, not when it should be full steam growth ahead ... and to hell with that tooth fairy, climate science ...

So how do the Caterists deal with the NZ attitude to climate science, given that the NZdders have a firmly enunciated set of targets (here) and have begun to feel the winds of change as a first port of call for islanders feeling the seas of change, as in Tuvalu climate family granted New Zealand residency on appeal.

So how do the Caterists deal with the difficulty of reconciling the notion that the carbon tax, easily convertible into an ETS, has ruined the Australian economy, while New Zealand has bounded ahead?

Why with the usual mealy mouthed hypocrisy and stupidity:

Meanwhile in New Zealand they have being doing what they do best: turning rainwater into protein and flogging it to the world. It is a simple business plan, but they execute it well. They have not been diverted by the interminable arguments on planetary warming. The Kiwis have a carbon reduction policy that ticks the symbolic boxes without dulling their competitive edge.

Symbolic boxes? Well that's one more box than the Abbott government has ticked.

Could it be that they haven't been diverted by the interminable stupidity of the Caterists and the reptiles at the lizard Oz, because the Key government accepts the science?

Never mind, let's see what the Caterists can offer by way of original thinking and scientific excellence:

The implication of Stewart’s report is that the chief saboteurs of climate change policy were not right-wing warriors and their cashed-up friends in the fossil-fuel business but the epistemic community itself: the politicians, technocrats, the media and, of course, the scientists. It is a sore point, judging from last week’s QandA on the ABC, when five eminent scientists sat on the panel talking about everything but the warming of the planet. The show had been running for 55 minutes before the program’s producers, presumably as an afterthought, allowed Jacqui Hoepner to ask her question. 
 “It’s now been 25 years since the first World Climate Conference, yet the public is more divided than ever,” she said. “If winning people over with more facts and less opinions was plan A, what’s plan B?” 
Brian Schmidt and Ian Chubb blamed poor education. Suzanne Cory blamed the felling of forests. Peter Doherty blamed our failure to care. Tony Jones blamed Maur­ice Newman before announcing that, sadly, that was all they had time for. 
The circus is over and the caravan moves on.

That's it? They didn't turn over Q and A to a discussion of climate science, and so the circus is over and the caravan has moved on?

The public is more divided than ever and it's all the fault of the epistemic community?

So the Caterists think that Q and A is the repository of wisdom, and if scientists on Q and A fail to speak at length on the matter, it's all over, done and dusted?

It's impossible to begin to describe the ineffable stupidity ...

Meanwhile, on an alternative planet, where you can get information running wild, beyond the ken of the reptiles scribbling for the lizard Oz, you can read World May Blow Through Global Warming Pollution Limited in 30 Years.

Oh and there's a big shindig going down in New York. Yep there are all sorts of stories going down about the pow wow at the NY Times:

As for that poll?

Uh huh, fuckwitted Republicans of the Caterist lizard Oz Murdochian epistemic kind ...

But as it's not on Q and A, so apparently that makes it a matter of sublime unimportance and irrelevance ... the caravan has already moved on, and somebody forgot to tell the New Yorkers.

And then there's Mr Terrorism himself, and Pope caught his contribution nicely, and more Popery here.


  1. Dorothy, thanks for reminding me why I slapped a black ban on the Murdochians in all its repulsive forms.

    It's probably worth noting that the average Australian has statistically more chance of being bitten by shark in the middle of Bourke street than being in the middle of a terrorist "incident". Fatwas inclusive.

  2. Hello Dorothy, I cannot but wonder where Mr Cater learned his style from, Lord Haw Haw?

    Now that Mr Abbott has gained in popularity from his tough stance on terrorist threats, I guess the tin hat will stay on his head for some while, giving the reptiles something else to polish. Wonderful!

  3. "...what living in fear, and giving up freedom to save your freedom will do for you" = reports of polls showing the Fearlful Leader's popularity on the rise and the Abbott Misgovernment polling now on a five month high = Benjamin Franklin (paraphrased): Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.


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