Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clammering with the Fairfaxians ...

The pond doesn't mind the Fairfaxians catching up on John Oliver, which is offered up on the internet for free - his savaging of the Miss American Pageant could be found uploaded on YouTube, here, back on September 21st.

Hey, it's content, and any port in a storm, and who minds talking about something that had already chalked up nigh on three million views the last time the pond checked.

But what was that bit about "clammering"? Was it some arcane variant on the clamming done by mollusks? (Of course you can spell that mollusc too if you like but that's another story).

It was all the more poignant in that Oliver, now required viewing the minute he's uploaded, had much fun sending up Miss America's capacity to celebrate fun scholars:

In the end, the Fairfaxians clamoured or clambered to get it right.

But the question the pond has to ask is who will pay for the pond's suffering? They want people to pay for this sort of typo, headlining free content?

So this is where professional journalism has ended?

Get it up late, and then clammer to get it right, just beneath the big bold masthead?

Clammering always?

Well keep clammering ...


  1. And to cap it all, 'clamouring' is a Gerund!

    Also -

    Clamour a company of rooks; a flock of birds; a loud collective noise of musical instruments, 1592; a loud noise of birds and animals; loud shouting; a mingling of voices.

    Examples: clamour of disapprobation, 1830; common clamour of the Englishman, 1480; of rooks; of storms, 1876.


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