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Prince Charles thinks Tony Abbott is a headless chook ... and now we've got your hopefully sustainable attention ...

No doubt there were a few glum people roaming the house kicking the cat and yelling at the dog after reading Voters' support for republic hits 20-year low.

But there are always reasons to be cheerful, as noted by the red one in Prince Charles lets CAN'T do supporters down:

This is just too delicious! 
You will recall that cabal of Conservatives, led by Professor David Flint and Alan Jones, among others, who launched Australia's Tea Party CANdo, a year ago. Among other things, Flint and Jones are hugely devoted supporters of the monarchy and outspoken deniers of climate change. We all know Jonesy's shrill attacks on all who would bow to science, but Flint, too, has been strong, accusing those who supported the idea of an emissions trading scheme as ''demonstrating the same blind faith as the Bolsheviks did on collectivisation, which was imposed at massive cost on the Soviet Union. It ruined the nation's agriculture and was even responsible for the outbreak of famine. Like collectivisation, the ETS is a dangerous and damaging obsession.'' 

And here's the delicious part. On Thursday, in London, Prince Charles - the man Flint and Jones eternally champion to become the King of Australia - described denialists as a ''headless chicken brigade,'' wilfully ignoring overwhelming scientific evidence, while also mounting ''a barrage of sheer intimidation'' against all who speak sense on it.

Now Charles can't speak Australian, but the pond can translate for him, and what he's saying is that Tony "climate change is crap" Abbott is a headless chook ...

Here he is in fine full flower, at the inaugural Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize, of all things, perhaps trying out for a role in a re-make of House of Cards in which an upstart colonial Prime Minister tries to topple the throne:

It is baffling, I must say, that in our modern world we have such blind trust in science and technology that we all accept what science tells us about everything – until, that is, it comes to climate science. All of a sudden, and with a barrage of sheer intimidation, we are told by powerful groups of deniers that the scientists are wrong and we must abandon all our faith in so much overwhelming scientific evidence. So, thank goodness for our young entrepreneurs here this evening, who have the far sightedness and confidence in what they know is happening, to ignore the headless chicken brigade and do something practical to help. (HRH's speeches here)

This has, in fact, been going on for many years, and Prince Chuck is a rancid smell in the monarchists'/denialists' garden which they simply don't know what to about. They're praying for a William miracle, while currently hoisted on the petard of hereditary stupidity.

We know only too well what this talk of sustainability, and the fops who mention it, means, thanks to the Caterists' withering, blistering Bitten by the dispiriting dogma of sustainability, behind the paywall to keep Chuck out of the loop.

Why that piece even had a prescient caricature of the toffish, foppish Chuck:

No, not the toff! The heavy black ball! Dragging everyone down!

Poor Chuck, with his head in a monarchist cloud:

Twenty years ago I commissioned the University to set up what has now turned into C.P.S.L. because I was so concerned that there was no effective forum where senior business leaders could come together and explore the impact of sustainability on business – and indeed vice-versa! I have happily been Patron of C.P.S.L. ever since, because it helps businesses realize that sustainability has to be at the heart of their thinking if they hope to “future-proof” themselves against the many environmental and social problems that now threaten our entire economic stability. And, in so doing, it has helped prove that sustainability and healthy profit margins can go together. Many companies are actually seeing better returns since they embraced sustainability. And this is why these awards are so important. The sort of creativity and brilliant innovation that the young entrepreneurs have displayed here tonight are ingenious, but they also show great leadership in the way they are putting their ideas into practice.

He just wouldn't shut up about it. There was sustainability here, sustainability there, and sustainability in the attic:

Forty years ago, when I started raising these uncomfortable issues, most in authority could not see alternatives to carrying on with business as usual. Now, however, there are signs of a different story. For one thing, thousands of scientists from around the world agree that, by the end of the century, global temperatures could be four degrees higher than they were at the start of the Industrial Revolution, which points to terrifying consequences for humanity. Given the impact we are already witnessing, without concerted, urgent action on climate change we stand to deny prosperity to millions of people in the developing world and roll back decades of sustainable development elsewhere.

Talk about a disheartening, dispiriting dogma!

Why, it's enough to turn the Caterists into dyed (or even died) in the wool Cromwellian republicans, and surely it's also enough for the reptiles at the lizard Oz to mount a ferocious attack on the British monarchy. Day after day, week after week, until this divided house topples and falls!

This man is the heir to the throne, and it's just not sustainable!

The pond immediately raced over to the monarchists for a comment from Flinty. But strangely the piratical Cap'n Flint had nothing to say about the matter of climate change and sustainability.

All he had eyes for was the dear, darling Queen, looking a tad youthful, and the futility of republicanism, here:

Eek, who is that man on the right saluting?

Is he some sort of sustainability guru?

Should a man who thinks of Tony Abbott and Cap'n Flint and Jonesy as headless chooks really be featured on a monarchist site?

What's even more shocking is that Jonesy, Flinty and the rest of the crazies who think we live in a crowned republic already, have worked so hard to secure a future down under for a man whom the Bolter thinks is an idiot (yes, he does, he does, Reasons to think Prince Charles is an idiot about Syria).

But if Chuck is an idiot, what does that say about Jonesy, Flinty, Tim Bleagh, and the rest of them, who've worked so hard to give him a sinecure down under?

Blithering idiots?

As for that headless chook and staunch monarchist, Tony Abbott, what does it say about him?

Some chook. Some head. A head without body, a head of wonder ...

Now roll on homeopathy and Victorian architecture, and let Flinty and Jonesy and Tony Abbott, headless chooks all, get right behind Chuck ...

And credit where credit is due. Chuck might be a little strange but perhaps you have to be to spot the headless chooks supporting you ...

(Below: meanwhile, Steve Bell had some thoughts on that fop David Cameron - more Steve Bell here)


  1. Dear Pond, "Chuck might be a little strange but..." is as cunning as ever a shady green washing harmless looking animal, and as dodgy a citizen, or in actual fact one of her majesty's chattel subjects like the rest of us, as any Oz monarchist cited. He really is just the clever boy for them - on diluting human rights too, unlike old mum of late.

    Pond, some of what you didn't cite from your strangely beloved prince's UNILEVER Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards speech:

    "We have just seen a whole range of ingenious ways that young people are applying their imagination to move away from the "take, make and dispose" economic model and towards this much more circular, sustainable approach..." Get 'em when they're young - "take, make, dispose" - oh yes, and it sounds so sweet.

    "So I would like to salute Paul Polman and Unilever for backing these awards. It is a company which has never shied away from driving progress on the thorny issue of sustainability. I have no doubt it will offer tremendous support to the winners of these awards by giving them access to the expertise within Unilever and beyond." Oh yeah? What sort of expertise?

    So contrast that lovely sounding stuff with actually going to great lengths, stays, delays, courts of appeal, divine constitutional rights, obfuscations, and of course full on PR to conceal your environmental, social, commercial, and revenue impacts... butter wouldn't melt:

    "The duchy's insistence that it should not pay corporation tax because it is indivisible from the Duke of Cornwall – currently Prince Charles – appears to have been challenged by a court ruling. In late 2011 John Angel, principal judge at the information rights tribunal, who was tasked with deciding if the duchy should publish information about its environmental impact, ruled it must be considered a separate legal body from the prince because of "the differentiation of the duchy and duke in commercial and tax matters as well as under legislation and the contractual behaviour of the duchy". The ruling is being appealed by the palace."


    And what of those other benign, cuddly looking animal characters he's lending the royal shady too?

    "I am enormously grateful to Unilever for creating them in association with the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership."

    Cambridge University no doubt receives funds from UNILEVER - haven't bothered to check - "And they deserve our support... So I would like to salute Paul Polman and Unilever for backing these awards."

    And so what of UNILEVER, and Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer of the Unilever PLC and Unilever N.V., that never squashed a young entrepreneur, and Director Dow Chemical Sustainable Living Company? See:

    Not strange at all, Pond. Clever is as... Don't be fooled, monarchists are inherantly denialists, Chuck clearly is one, and will do 'em proud.

    Royal greenwashing trickery, same rules, different game. They're always duplicitously clever self-serving cunts, go ask Robert if you can trust 'em:,_Robert_(DNB00)



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