Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not a chance the pond will ever learn more ...

The pond would like to celebrate rather than meditate in this Sunday piece.

First up, has anyone else noticed how the exploding invitation to subscribe to the Daily Terror offers a chance to "learn more"?

It immediately reminded the pond of that great fascist movie - or perhaps to be fair, that great satire on fascism - Starship Troopers, and its invitation to mug punters to know more:

(And if you want to know more about that movie, naturally there's a trailer on YouTube here)

Now the pond is always keen to learn more, so it took a squiz at the Sunday Terror headline pieces.

Truly they were a puzzle:

Tony Abbott has an amazing array of talent, like Poodle Pyne, Bronwyn Bishop, Eric Abetz, Sophie Mirabella, Julie Bishop, Warren Truss, Scott Morrison, Kevin Andrews, George Brandis, Greg Hunt and Barnaby Joyce (oops, where are you Barners?). 

Yet, ecstatic at the talent around him, his office is drunk on power?

No, the pond didn't need to know more ...

And there was Miranda the Devine, front and centre as usual:

Just your average hothead? 

If that's average, where does it leave your average crazed in the street axe or machete murderer? But yes, average it is:

Did the pond feel the need to pay more to know more or to read more?


Reading any average burst of right wing fundamentalist Catholic nonsense is as common as bugs on the intertubes ...

The result? Why it's likely the pond will never learn anything any more.

Well at least until The Guardian starts up, with the news that they're rented premises at 35 Reservoir Street in Surry Hills with room enough for up to 40 journalists, and irony of irony, just around the corner from the inner urban elitists who run the death star known as News Ltd. (The Guardian shacks up in Surry Hills).

But you know it led to a sudden sense of release, almost of ecstatic freedom, and a memory of Woodsworth, far removed from bugs, starship troopers, the death star of News Ltd, the bemuseing world of van Onselen, or the averagely crazy one of the Devine.

Then sing, ye Birds, sing, sing a joyous song! 
 And let the young Lambs bound 
 As to the tabor's sound! 
 We in thought will join your throng, 
 Ye that pipe and ye that play, 
 Ye that through your hearts to-day 
 Feel the gladness of the May! 
 What though the radiance which was once so bright 
 Be now for ever taken from my sight, 
 Though nothing can bring back the hour 
 Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower; 
 We will grieve not, rather find 
 Strength in what remains behind; 
 In the primal sympathy 
 Which having been must ever be; 
 In the soothing thoughts that spring 
 Out of human suffering; 
 In the faith that looks through death, 
 In years that bring the philosophic mind. (the rest here)

Why you could use that as a movie title or for a mug. Oh wait ...


  1. British Defense Minister Philip Hammond said he was "shocked and saddened" by the "senseless murder of a soldier who served the army faithfully," The Guardian reports.

    Vale Roving Machine-Gunner Rigby, 2nd Fusiliers, Dedicated Family-Man-With-A-Bit-On-The-Side, A True Warrior, And A Real Character, Tragically Taken From Us Senselessly, For No Reason, And Certainly None Captured For Posterity On Digital Film In A 15-Minute Tirade Citing Government Duplicity, Lex Talionis, And Nation-Building Efforts Overseas.

  2. For an interesting comparison with the PvO piece, go to the Canberra Times website (part of Fairfax Digital), and search out Paul Malone's article "Old school ties dominate Coalition".

    Sorry, I'm crap at creating links.


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