Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lord Monckton and a new game of six degrees of separation ...

Everyone's played the six degrees of separation game at some time, and there's a truly great game being played - or at least started - in On the fringes with Monckton and the anti-Islam creationist pastor. (which started off here before it shifted to Crikey)

The pond thought that all the wondrous and astonishing things had been done, and then along comes an alliance between 'Lord' Monckton and creationist Ministry of Fire pastor Danny Nalliah.

It all seemed most unlikely, improbable, implausible - 'lordly scientist say hello to creationist' - but unless someone has started spoofing their sites, it seems the pastor, the lord, the Ballarat DLP and others are as thick as thieves.

Monckton is about to start a three month long speaking tour at the end of this month, and it seems Pastor Danny is pitching in to make it a spiffing success (along with a number of other parties)

Which is where the six degrees comes in. Gina Rinehart helped out on previous Monckton tours, so that puts Rinehart only a couple of degrees from Pastor Danny. Well one if you're going to play strict rules.

And it would be hard to name a member of the conservative commentariat, especially those lurking in the Murdoch press, who haven't lined up to praise Monckton for his epic scientific work, touting his tours, spinning his ideas, shaking his paw, and getting outraged when anybody dared to oppose his lordshipo. One degree a lot of them, two at worst ...

A few wretches admonished the original post for daring to point out that Pastor Danny is a young earth (6,000 years old) man, who blamed the 2009 Victorian bushfires on god's punishment for Victoria's lax abortion laws. And so on, and on (let's not get on to the Islam obsession), as you'd expect of a fundamentalist of the first water.

Somehow the wretches thought that none of this should be mentioned. It's too childish, too spoilsport, too arcane, too much like a circus, when there's real work to be done (perhaps sending self-funded retirees who've invested in coal spiralling into poverty).

Clearly these wretches have absolutely no sense of humour, nor an interest in the way loons may access the mainstream media, and spread crackpot ideas.

Now the test will be just how many of the Murdoch commentariat maintain the rage and their loyalty to Monckton and by extension, associate themselves with Pastor Danny. Not that the pond is proposing guilt by association ... simple guilt for spreading nonsense will do.

How will they keep themselves at no more than two degrees of separation to a rampaging fundamentalist with a thirst for publicity almost as keen as the lordship himself?(Remember those blood sacrifices on top of the hill in Canberra?)

The pond is tipping that a few will reluctantly try to find a way to get themselves at least to seven degrees of separation, but hey nonny no, we can't wait for the game to start ...

There should be a Monckton watch for this tour!

Will Ian Plimer, at one time a fierce atheist, turn up to celebrate Monckton launching Pastor Danny's new political party? You can still pick up a copy of Telling lies for God: Reason vs creationism which would be enough to produce a jihad from Pastor Danny ...

Will The Australian give the launch a big splash? Will they plunge into the morass of Monckton's new fellow travellers?

Will Tony Abbott line up again to shake the lord's paw, and perhaps wish Pastor Danny all the best in his political career?

Andrew Bolt in particular has been a big fan of the lord, shilling endlessly on his last trip. How will the Bolter jump this time? 
Will Paul Sheehan blather on about Monckton's verbal bombs? Or will an IED from Pastor Danny explode in his face like a Marx Bros cigar?
Will Miranda the Devine tweet away plugging and praising the lord as she did last time? 
Will Janet Albrechtsen once again embrace the lord's theories on the UN, climate science and world government? 
Will Akker Dakker fall into a heap because Adam Spencer dared to challenge the noble lord? Damned cardigan wearing lefties ...
Will Tim Blair be outraged that a footy club kicked out Lord Monckton, proving that they were worse than a bunch of academic girlies? A noble prophet cast out into the wilderness by girlies!

Ah memories. 

You can google any of the stories below, but truth to tell, the pond, worried about any stray innocent reader's mental health has decided that shilling for the commentariat shilling for Lord Monckton is simply a shill too far ... let them garner their hits where they may without links from the pond.

The pond predicts that the Bolter has the farthest to fall, and the most face to lose. The man pretends he's something of a moralist and an intellectual and even at one with science and NASA (amazing but true, here). As well as flirting with actual science, the Bolter loves to flirt with agnosticism of a wet lettuce kind.

Way back when, the Bolter defended his defence of Pastor Danny's right to speak, but then went on to call the pastor the Hilaly of the Pentacostal faith for the his comments about the causes of the Victorian bushfires.

The Bolter has even tried his hand at biblical criticism, to the great outrage of all those ratbags at the ABC who congregate at the ethics and religion section of the ABC. Here's John Dickson dishing it out to the Bolter for scribbling Which Genesis story should Christians believe?:

In the end, Andrew Bolt's neophyte epiphany about biblical contradictions has all the sophistication of an engineering student sitting through an English literature class and then remonstrating about the impossibility of "Juliet" being the "sun."

How will the Bolter cope with his lordly scientific mate rubbing shoulders with a creationist?

Some of the others in the commentariat won't even know they're in a game.

Being barking mad fundamentalists themselves, they'll think 6,000 years young and intelligent design are perfectly reasonable scientific hypotheses, and in keeping with their understanding of climate science.

All the same, it's the perfect conjunction, the perfect alignment of the planets, and it's only a few weeks away.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
The pond chortled in its joy.

(Below: a few of many Monckton commentariat moments)


  1. What would Monckton make of the commie plot by the BoM, in their unilateral decision to manufacture a "new" hot zone? I hope all News readers were spared the horror of that map.
    You see, it's all about maintaining a purity of message. DP, if you happen upon the Harpers article referred to in Why We Still Fear Vaccines I'd be grateful if you could share it.

  2. Don't expect to read this exclusive in The Oz, DP, but the WSJ reports It's Official: Last Year Was Warmest.
    Does that mean Rupert is about to climb aboard the "global warming" bandwagon? If he does, will he haul Mal Turnbull up with him?

  3. Thanks for the tip Trev - fancy the WSJ doing that - and I'll keep an eye out for the Harpers. For some reason we've never activated the online access. Call it luddite, call it a proud attachment to the old-fashioned habit of reading magazines in the hand, but the new Harpers has yet to arrive in the mail box ...


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