Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And now for a little light relief ...

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All right, the pond will bite. Instead of an extended rant, cop this, now doing the Facebook rounds.

Dan Ilic offered up the new front page above for the Sydney Morning Herald, and it suddenly put an end to all the pond's worries about a viable future for Fairfax journalism under Gina Rinehart.

Here's his twitter feed, and here it is at B&T, in case that gives you a larger version. The pond's only complaint to Ilic?

Where's the actual stories? Surely Chris Zappone's report on the ABC audience turning away for fear of learning too many facts is crucial information, and surely we shouldn't have to wait on Ginda to learn the terrible truth.

Quick Dan, show the right stuff and you could still end up as an editor at large for Gina, and like Paul Kelly you can then explain how it's the ABC's job not to push the truth, but to push a left centre agenda .... to balance the raving right wing ratbags ...

And because the mock-up celebrates all things west, as opposed to eastern state wankers (and the pond now has a correspondent keeping it in touch with everything sandgroper), here's yet another version of Downfall, celebrating Colin "Mr. Arrogant, chop down the trees, falling numbers" Barnett.

It might mean something to westerners.

Here at the pond we're deeply alarmed that the deadly Toyota Prius has already killed 94 puppies. In the name of global chilling, enough already ...

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  1. It can be a tad frightening being an ABC consumer AND a sandgroper. I think Dan has nailed it.


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